Can Eric Adams Really Turn 25,000 Hotel Rooms Into Affordable Housing?

Even after all the past year’s closures, that’s a lot of real estate.
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The City’s Newest Design Gallery Is in a Chinatown Mall

Superhouse Vitrine opens with an exhibition of Sean Gerstley’s ceramic furniture.
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New York Doesn’t Need Its Own Forecast. It Needs a Forecast Communicator.

“It’s very clear that the blatant breakdown of communication is what needs to be adjusted.”

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my spots “I like this restaurant’s view. It feels like you’re in a Cape Cod or New England setting, but with views of Bayonne, which is super-industrial — tankers, pipes, and boats going past. It just feels cozy and quaint to watch a boat going past, even if that boat is hauling some trash.” 
Alexandra Kleeman’s Favorite Spots in Staten Island

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