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New York’s War on Seating Continues at Grand Central Madison

The MTA is voting on conduct rules for the LIRR train hall that include a 90-minute time limit on its benches.
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A Tribeca Loft With a Kitchen Swing and an Old Convent Door

“Everything changes in this house,” says its owner, Grimanesa Amorós, who has filled it with her organic light sculptures.
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A Greenhouse in the Sky Above West End Avenue

The apartment also has an outdoor shower and a 1,400-square-foot terrace.

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look book We heard there was a DSA choir? Yes. I was upset that they didn’t have time to sing “Solidarity Forever.” I know during the strike at the Hunts Point Produce Market, workers were playing Bad Bunny, but I do enjoy some classic 1900s Industrial Workers of the World bangers at the same time.  The Look Book Goes to a Democratic-Socialist Convention

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