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The unheralded success of flyover states

Stunning midcentury home by a Wright apprentice asks $1.8M

This four-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath home boasts cypress wood, Arkansas field stone, and flagstone floors.

Alejandro Aravena’s Chilean concrete beauty on the market for $1.5M

The Pritzker Prize winner’s design comprises three weathered concrete volumes that stack and lean against each other like building blocks.

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Following remodel, groovy Westside Atlanta ranch aims to dazzle for $379K

"MAD MEN COME HOME!" shouts the listing.

Panasonic designed human blinders to block out open-plan office distraction

The tech company partnered with Japanese fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga to develop an open-plan solution to end all open-plan solutions.

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Scooter companies, seeking to shape regulations, hire transit advocates

As micromobility services expand, startups seek public sector transit experience

5 vintage campers for sale right now

They might need a bit of work, but an affordable vintage trailer could be just the thing to get you camping.

Cleansing 101: Keeping your home’s energy in check

An expert talks to Curbed about spiritual energy, appropriation, and Ariana Grande—yes, that Ariana Grande—as a spatial cleansing companion.

Yale architecture students built this innovative timber home for the formerly homeless

It’s one of the first instances of cross-laminated timber used for a single-family house.

Restored brick house from 1700s asks $4M

This four-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath house in Charleston looks magazine-photo ready with its climbing greenery and bright red door.

Massive new Eames exhibition sheds light on iconic couple’s legacy and California life

"The World of Charles and Ray Eames" is an in-depth and personal look at the designers as told through more than 380 items.

West Riverfront Park lands $50M grant from Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation

The Ralph C. Wilson Foundation is gifting $50 million toward the new park, along with $50 million in trail development in southeast Michigan.

154-square-foot office pod stands out in a good way

When LA studio Knowhow Shop started thinking about its new office, it decided the space should be a test bed for some of its more radical ideas and materials.

To the lighthouse

Staten Island’s elusive beacon harks back to a more rural past.

Boston’s South Station: The ultimate guide

Here’s how to navigate transportation, food, hotels, accessibility, pets, and more at New England’s busiest train and bus hub.

How Sears Kit Homes changed housing

These mail-order dwellings democratized homebuying, one kit at a time.

Home prices have finally hit a wall on the West Coast

Slow sales and supply spikes indicate that homebuyers are regaining the upper hand

Luxury camper van fits all the essentials in 112 square feet

This van by Montana-based Beartooth Vanworks comes with wood accents, loads of storage, and a toilet to boot.

Climate change and the coming coastal real estate crash

It could rival the bursting dot-com and real estate bubbles of 2000 and 2008.

Prefab affordable housing by Bjarke Ingels Group rises in Denmark

Partnering with the housing non-profit Lejerbo, BIG designed a winding, five-story timber structure on a tight budget by using modular parts.

Inside the Art Museum’s Frank Gehry-designed restaurant

Stir opens to the public today

Award-winning Birmingham ‘Shutter House’ hits the market for $1.395M

The redesigned four-bedroom home has a ‘Zen boathouse’ aesthetic.

Say hello to ‘Brixel’, 2018’s answer to the brick

Each Brixel is controlled through an app and can rotate on command to a specific position, one-upping the regular old brick by turning a facade into a kinetic surface.

Midcentury honeymoon crash pad of Elvis and Priscilla Presley wants $3.2M

This midcentury house was dubbed the "House of Tomorrow" and served as the honeymoon pad of Elvis and Priscilla Presley for one year in 1967.

Strongest Santa Ana winds in years sweep through LA

With temperatures rising and humidity plunging, fire risk is high.

5 cool prefab homes you can order right now

They come in all shapes and sizes and show just how sophisticated the prefab house has become.

Fairy tale cottage with impeccable gardens asks $1.8M

Set on a 12,100 square foot lot, the house boasts manicured gardens, a Dutch door entrance, and a fountain.

Is New York City ready for the e-scooter revolution?

Companies like Bird are making inroads in the city, but there’s much to be done to make e-scooters a viable transit option

Prefab home concept appears to float above the landscape

Tenka is a series of lightweight prefabricated home designs that rest atop pillars while embracing the deck.

Burly camper trailer tackles any terrain and sleeps four

Meet the BRS Offroad Sherpa, a tough, tiny teardrop that unfolds to provide everything you need for the backcountry.

Watch a robot build columns out of only gravel and string

A new project from the Swiss university ETH Zurich shows how a robotic arm can construct solid columns from the seemingly improbable.

Trump administration seeks to restrict access to D.C. public spaces popular with protesters

80 percent of the sidewalk in front of the White House would be closed.

Can artificial intelligence change construction?

As IBM’s Watson adds its computational power to construction sites, tech sees an industry in need of an upgrade

Hundreds of Beverly Hills students protest Metro’s subway to the Westside

"Our students today are going to get a lesson on Rosa Parks."

Rethinking the modern house museum

How these historic sites can cope with costs, challenges, and societal changes in an Instagram era.

Pride and gentrification: How Atlanta’s LGBTQ community deals with development

Not all LGBTQ establishments are being embraced amidst the city’s growth. What’s the true cost?

Octagonal midcentury home on a lake asks $489K

Built in 1963, this one-of-a-kind house in Wisconsin boasts a stunning central atrium that’s a natural focal point.

Watch a swarm of robots build a fiber structure

The robots are here—and they’re pretty cute

This Lego-like building system is a new take on modular architecture

Nasim Sehat’s "Slice" project provides a provocative view of what the future of on-demand lodging could look like.

London company plans to spend big to bring private student housing to Boston

From its U.S. headquarters in Fort Point, Scape hopes to grow to 20,000 beds nationwide. Will such growth help dent housing costs for everyone else?

‘Smart city’ in Saudi Arabia releases list of design advisors

Released on the heels of journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance, the list includes prominent designers, architects, and urbanists.

The 12 best #VanLife Instagram accounts to follow right now

Whether you’re on the road or dreaming of the perfect rig, here are 12 accounts to stoke your wanderlust.