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Blight and vacant land are a national crisis for smaller cities

Efforts to reverse an "epidemic" of abandoned property, a stark sign of a stratifying economy.

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Chicago’s new demographics: ‘A third San Francisco, two-thirds Detroit’

An interview with urbanist Pete Saunders on Chicago’s tale of two cities

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Sleek home designed by Ai Weiwei asks $5.2M

The listing includes a 3,500-square-foot main house, a Y-shaped guest house, and a serene pool.

This year’s Amazon Prime Day will last 48 hours

The e-commerce site’s massive annual shopping event gives you Black Friday bargains in the middle of summer.

Harvard report shows strong housing market, but low-income renters struggle

The annual deep dive by the Joint Center for Housing finds inequality, increased costs amid economic boom

Here is Sidewalk Labs’s big plan for Toronto’s waterfront

The $1.3 billion development is being billed as "the most innovative district in the entire world."

Why building walkable cities is the key to economic success

New report Foot Traffic Ahead finds walkable urbanism isn’t just sustainable and enjoyable, but more profitable.

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Whose Jersey Shore is it?

New development on the Jersey Shore has created tensions between residents and weekenders.

12 affordable patio dining sets to buy now

From picnic-style tables to midcentury sets that can seat a crowd, here are 12 budget-friendly patio dining sets sure to fit both your wallet and outdoor style.

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Do you hear marbles rolling in your apartment? You’re not alone.

Why so many apartment dwellers hear the sound of rolling objects through the ceiling.

Gorgeous restaurant is a not-so-subtle homage to Wes Anderson’s sets

New York-based studio Asthetíque designed the two-story Moscow restaurant as a series of visual vignettes, each with its own distinct take on Anderson’s twee-meets-surrealism style.

Democrats are proposing a renters tax credit. Would it help or hurt renters?

It’s become a key component of Democratic housing plans, but experts say it could drive rents up further.

Prefab treehouses look like periscopes peeking through the forest

These endlessly adaptable circular modules are a whimsical take on the timber treehouse.

Amazon Prime Day is coming back, here’s what you need to know

Amazon’s Prime Day mega shopping event will return July 15. Here are the dates, deals, and tips to know now.

Stunning midcentury from Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice asks $855K

The home was designed in 1961 by Canadian Roger D’Astous, a prolific architect who interned with Wright and built the Olympic Village for the 1976 Summer Olympics.

The Wing’s new HQ takes over a historic NYC building

The office is outfitted with the Wing’s signature pastel colors, custom furniture, punchy environmental graphics, and woman-centric features.

Brilliant travel accessories that make hotel rooms feel like home

From a yummy smelling candle to a simple toothbrush stand, here are 15 products that should make it into your suitcase.

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Hey, middle class, the housing crisis is coming for you next

As housing prices keep rising, Americans higher and higher up the income spectrum feel the pinch.

In the Maldives, MIT experiment fights rising sea levels with nature

The Growing Islands project harnesses natural wave forces to build underwater sand buffers.

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Can Google’s billion-dollar investment help Bay Area housing crisis?

The tech giant’s housing pledge "changes the conversation." How does it change things on the ground?

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Postmodern and late modern architecture: The ultimate guide

Great architecture that’s often under-appreciated, misunderstood, and unprotected

Glass-and-brick midcentury gem on Lake Michigan asks $2.5M

If you’re a midcentury lover dreaming of a lake getaway, this three-bedroom, two-bath home might be your answer.

Can coworking companies sell inclusive communities?

Measuring the impact of The Wing, WeWork, the Coven, and other spaces selling a better workspace.

Come for the pizza, stay for the ’gram at this pink Formica eatery

Humble Pizza is modeled after London’s Formica cafes of the 1950s.

One of America’s most popular furniture styles was invented by a celibate religious sect

All Shaker furniture is symbolic of the values of the utopian spiritual sect that designed it and gave the style its name—values that are overdue for a comeback today.

Amazon is selling a $1,200 geodesic dome kit for your backyard

The Garden Dome Igloo is a 12-foot dome kit that can work as a backyard retreat, glamping tent, or kids play area.

Rocky Serpentine Pavilion by Junya Ishigami set to open in London

The billowing rock canopy has been brought to life—albeit with a few fabrication concessions along the way.

12 magical treehouses for your next vacation

Take your vacation to new heights with 12 gorgeous treehouses you can rent now.

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Williamsburg’s quirky shipping container house lists for $5.5M

The home on a corner lot is made up of 21 shipping containers meticulously pieced together

Bicycle Architecture Biennale celebrates bike-friendly urban design

The exhibition features 15 projects from nine countries, all sharing different solutions for making cities more amenable to cyclists.

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Housesitting made me want a life I thought I didn’t need

I believed a radical queer life meant solitude. But staying in friends’ homes changed my mind.

Midcentury modern with original bathrooms asks $400K

Located in Coleman, Texas, this 1958 three-bedroom house features Tiffany blue kitchen counters and a bright green bathroom.

These sheer curtains changed my life

Warning: These inexpensive panels of fabric are addictive—and available on Amazon.

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Modernist landmark by Rudolph Schindler asking $1.5M in Sherman Oaks

Restored by Michael LaFetra, it features bold geometric planes, clerestory windows, Douglas fir paneling, and extensive built-ins.

Gorgeous holiday home makes brilliant use of brick

Constructed from red stones and repurposed red bricks, this vacation home in Brazil is a masonry lover’s dream.

How bicycle ambassador Courtney Cobbs gets around Chicago

A hula-hooping cyclist’s quest for more bike lanes—and more bus lanes, too.

Glorious indoor plants you can buy online now

Companies like The Sill, Bloomscape, and even Amazon will deliver all the ferns and monstera you could desire directly to your door.

Transparent pavilion looks like a massive water droplet

The 270-square-foot pavilion is conceived as a catch-all hangout space, mobile exhibition pavilion, or greenhouse.

Where the Democratic primary candidates stand on housing

The affordable housing shortage has made housing policy center stage in the 2020 election.