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Nearly 1,300 people missing following deadly Camp Fire

Authorities urge the public to check out the list and to call in if they are safe.

Black Friday 2018: Best home tech deals to watch for

Save on popular smart home products including speaker hubs like Google Home and Amazon Echo, smart thermostats from Nest, and more.

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Do rents really go down in the winter?

The conventional wisdom is "yes." Here’s what the data says.

Deconstructing Philip Johnson

What a new book by architecture critic Mark Lamster about Johnson’s life and myth can teach us about the profession—and the country.

Can engineering save Louisiana’s coastline?

Coastal Louisiana is on the front lines of a battle against land loss.

Best smart lighting products for beginners

Smart lighting is an easy way to start building a smart home, and here are the best products for doing just that.

Google Home, Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod: Everything you need to know

Smart home hubs are taking over—here’s what you need to know to find the right one for you.

9 facts about Amazon's unprecedented warehouse empire

In time for the holiday rush, the facts and figures behind the online retailer’s huge logistics network.

Museum-like house was designed around an art collection

During a remodel of their home, a couple decided to reshape the space around the work of Jun Kaneko, an Omaha-based artist known for his striking graphical paintings and large ceramic sculptures.

Get ready for Black Friday deals on furniture, bedding, and more

Curbed will be tracking the best sales and deals surrounding Black Friday, so keep checking back.

Convert your van into a camper for $7K

Cascade Campers installs basic, no-frills kits that give you just what you need for life on the road and nothing more.

How Amazon can milk even more tax breaks out of HQ2

With its Long Island City site designated an opportunity zone, Amazon could reap future windfalls

The Dutch want to turn trains into comfy mobile offices

The Dutch National Railway Company recently showed off a new vision for what its trains might look like in 2025, and the result is pretty dreamy.

Why affordable housing is scarce in progressive cities

In Generation Priced Out, activist Randy Shaw shows how policies have pushed up rent and excluded many long-time residents

The United States of Texas and California

When it comes to urban policy, transportation, economy, and immigration, what’s happening in Texas and California is really the story of what’s happening in America.

Picture-perfect adobe house wants $725K in Santa Fe

Located in the historic Llano Compound neighborhood, this 2,141-square-foot house boasts original brick floors, vigas, and custom tiles throughout.

Denmark’s coolest design brand opens its first U.S. store

Hay, the Danish mid-range manufacturer of furniture, housewares, and accessories, is expanding in the United States.

What does Amazon owe New York City?

The tech giant has a chance to "shape what 21st century philanthropy looks like." Will it rise to the challenge?

First look at MVRDV’s colorful Washington Heights mixed-use development

This is the Dutch firm’s first major project in the United States

Quirky midcentury modern with koi pond wants $624K

The home blends many of the trademark features of a midcentury home with more modern updates.

These Japanese homes were designed to encourage neighbor interaction

All of the units have a living room with glass doors that slide open onto a wooden deck facing a communal courtyard.

You can rent these modern geodesic domes nestled in a forest

Each of the domes sits on a wooden terrace equipped with a hot tub and a shed full of wood pre-chopped (obviously) for the indoor fireplace.

Woolsey Fire latest example of California’s age of ‘megafires’

So far in 2018, fires in the state have scorched an unprecedented 1.3 million acres—five times the five-year average.

The rise of stadium seating

Why we’re so obsessed with stairways to nowhere.

Want a piece of the Eiffel Tower? That’ll cost you $45K

On November 27, Paris auction house Artcurial is selling a 24-step chunk of the tower’s original staircase.

Senior housing: Older Americans face affordability, accessibility challenges

Harvard’s latest senior housing report highlights a lack of diverse options as nation’s population ages

The ultimate van life shopping guide

We break down over 90 different essential items that make mobile living more comfortable.

A joyful noise grows in Brooklyn

Emmanuel Baptist Church is the cornerstone of this section of Lafayette Avenue.

101 small ways you can improve your city

The least you can do to make a big difference where you live.

Donald Wexler-designed desert gem yours for $3.5M

This four-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bath home in Indian Wells features all of Donald Wexler’s trademark style.

Ori’s new robotic furniture includes a bed that drops from the ceiling

The company is growing its line of smart, transforming furniture to include an expandable storage unit and a bed that drops from the ceiling.

Amazon HQ2 subsidies are deeply unpopular, but far from uncommon

The billions in incentive doled out by New York and Arlington exemplify a broken system.

Building houses that grow with us

We need to design homes for our lives, not our stuff.

This guest house’s walls tilt to maximize space

The Hive has an unusual "beehive-inspired" shape that bows outward from its foundation.

Can Los Angeles become a tech capital?

As LA’s tech scene matures, old industries such as entertainment and aerospace are new again

What Amazon’s HQ2 will mean for a city’s brand

Can a city hold onto—and control—its identity when a mega-corporation moves in?

Queens officials come out against Amazon’s HQ2 in Long Island City

Some elected officials plan to hold a rally in opposition to Amazon on Wednesday

New prefab housing from Bjarke Ingels aims to blend in with the landscape

BIG stacked 196 apartments (called "pixels") on top of each other in a terrace layout, leaving room for outdoor green roofs.

Airy midcentury by Cliff May wants $475K

The house boasts vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, and floor-to-ceiling glass throughout.