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Can Apple stores be public spaces?

The tech giant wants to be the new town square.

Strongest Santa Ana winds in years are sweeping through LA

With temperatures rising and humidity plunging, fire risk is high.

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Burly camper trailer tackles any terrain and sleeps four

Meet the BRS Offroad Sherpa, a tough, tiny teardrop that unfolds to provide everything you need for the backcountry.

Watch a robot build columns out of only gravel and string

A new project from the Swiss university ETH Zurich shows how a robotic arm can construct solid columns from the seemingly improbable.

Is New York City ready for the e-scooter revolution?

Companies like Bird are making inroads in the city, but there’s much to be done to make e-scooters a viable transit option

Trump administration seeks to restrict access to D.C. public spaces popular with protesters

80 percent of the sidewalk in front of the White House would be closed.

Can artificial intelligence change construction?

As IBM’s Watson adds its computational power to construction sites, tech sees an industry in need of an upgrade

Extell’s Central Park Tower finally launches sales

The tallest residential building in NYC is officially on the market

Hundreds of Beverly Hills students protest Metro’s subway to the Westside

"Our students today are going to get a lesson on Rosa Parks."

Rethinking the modern house museum

How these historic sites can cope with costs, challenges, and societal changes in an Instagram era.

Pride and gentrification: How Atlanta’s LGBTQ community deals with development

Not all LGBTQ establishments are being embraced amidst the city’s growth. What’s the true cost?

Octagonal midcentury home on a lake asks $489K

Built in 1963, this one-of-a-kind house in Wisconsin boasts a stunning central atrium that’s a natural focal point.

Watch a swarm of robots build a fiber structure

The robots are here—and they’re pretty cute

This Lego-like building system is a new take on modular architecture

Nasim Sehat’s "Slice" project provides a provocative view of what the future of on-demand lodging could look like.

London company plans to spend big to bring private student housing to Boston

From its U.S. headquarters in Fort Point, Scape hopes to grow to 20,000 beds nationwide. Will such growth help dent housing costs for everyone else?

‘Smart city’ in Saudi Arabia releases list of design advisors

Released on the heels of journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance, the list includes prominent designers, architects, and urbanists.

The 12 best #VanLife Instagram accounts to follow right now

Whether you’re on the road or dreaming of the perfect rig, here are 12 accounts to stoke your wanderlust.

This affordable housing complex is a model for pricey ski towns

The project, in Telluride, includes three tiny homes

Headless ergonomic body pillows: comforting or totally creepy?

A London studio designed an ergonomic pillow with the general shape of a human, but with extra-long arms that can wrap around a person like a hug.

Historic school house built in 1796 asks $450K

Offered for sale for the first time in 43 years, this one-bedroom, one-bath home lives and breathes historical authenticity.

Architecture and Design Film Festival to kick off 10th year with heavy-hitting lineup

The Architecture & Design Film Festival kicks off in New York City on October 16 with films on Mies, Piano, and more.

Clever Bouldin renovation embraces eclectic blend of old and new

Updated 1938 home with addition melds size and scale in elegant fashion asks $1.275M

Buy this Wild West town for $1.5M

The movie set town includes a barbershop, hotel, church, general store, and (of course) a jail for all the bad guys you’ve been hunting down.

Based on your zodiac sign, what should your Halloween costume be?

Architecture-inspired costumes for anyone who loves to blame the planets for their woes

Hurricane Michael: Real estate experts anticipate billions in storm damage

The Category 4 storm is "the worst storm that our Florida Panhandle has seen in a century"

The 10 top emerging trends that will shape real estate in 2019

The Urban Land Institute’s annual look at the year ahead focuses on technology and transformation at an uncertain moment.

Safe streets are the best tool we have to combat climate change

Driving short trips because walking and biking doesn’t feel safe is one reason transportation emissions keep going up.

Alma, the WeWork of therapy, opens its first stylish care center

A startup that’s giving therapy the high-design treatment.

Fritz Hansen’s new seating makes open plan offices more bearable

The seats, which range from a single chair to a two and three-person sofa, aim to make an open plan office a little less open with its cocoon-like design.

Cheery midcentury modern in Palm Springs wants $659K

Located in the Little Beverly Hills neighborhood of Palm Springs, this four-bedroom, three-bath gem boasts a pool and mountain views.

California’s changing fire country

As urban development and wildfires meet, residents reckon with new risks.

This enormous pulsating sculpture tells you how much energy a building uses

The experience design agency HUSH helps a net-zero building explain its inner workings through a brilliant "energy dial."

Waterfront estate asks $2.4M in Florida

Located on the gulf coast of Florida, this 2.8-acre Mediterranean-inspired estate boasts waterfront access and original details from 1925.

Chicago antique dealer lists rustic charcoal factory loft for $1.8M

The carefully curated live-work space features a ground floor gallery topped by minimalist living quarters.

Richard Meier is out following sexual harassment allegations—sort of

The 83-year-old architect will "step back from day-to-day activities" but is still involved in the firm.

Booming postindustrial neighborhoods often overlook polluted past

In former factory districts, postindustrial authenticity comes with potential for hidden pollution

The beginner’s guide to San Francisco

Everything you need to know about making SF your home

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Facebook enters the home assistant market with Portal

Facebook just launched its first hardware product, and it’s an Alexa-meets-Google Home-meets-Apple HomePod breed of device.

Tiny camper trailer can be towed by almost any car

Made in Vancouver, Canada, the Droplet boasts a queen-size bed and loads of windows.