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1920s Craftsman Duplex With Detached Studio in L.A.’s Highland Park Asks $1.25M

Unexpected pops of color put pep in the century-old bungalow’s step.

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What It’s Like to Not Pay Rent, According to Striking Tenants

Inside a rent strike in the Bronx.

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Cities Are Even Worse For Women Than You Might Imagine

The overlapping care crises of COVID-19 make the case for feminist cities clear — and more urgent.

Sea Ranch-Esque Compound Comes With Its Own Cable Tram

The hillside home offers mid-century vibes with a postmodern twist.

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The Great Regression

Inflatable pools, roller skates, and sidewalk chalk are defining summer for adults and kids alike.

Why Bus-Loving Rep. Ayanna Pressley Wants Transit to Be Free

"You can’t do the work of equity and racial justice without centering public transit."

Olalekan Jeyifous Is Imagining an Afrofuturist Brooklyn

The architectural storyteller finds inspiration in sci-fi.

Will the Killing of George Floyd Remake South Minneapolis?

With many businesses destroyed or damaged, residents are working together to meet the needs of their neighbors.

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The Porch Puzzle

On the front porch, the desire to be neighborly butts up against the desire to be left alone.

Thinking About Going in on a House With Grandma? Hear From 5 Families Who Bought Together.

The ups and downs of multigenerational housing.

How St. Louis’ History of Private Streets Led to a Gun-Brandishing Couple

A Black Lives Matter march through a gated community highlighted the decisions that divide the city.

1932 L.A. Bungalow With Original Teal and Yellow Tile Asks $950K 

Other notable features include detailed plasterwork and built-in dressers.

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Bungalow Courts Make the Best Neighbors

The 350 that remain in L.A. are some of the city’s most desirable housing.

Live in an 1846 Farmhouse in the “Little Alsace of Texas” for $515K

Located just 30 minutes from San Antonio, this recently renovated three-bedroom farmhouse comes with a backyard pool and guest house.

Is That Suspiciously Nice Rental an Airbnb in Disguise?

How to spot an "Airbrb," a new league of rentals springing up in coronavirus-era NYC.

The Best Products for Organizing Your Fridge, According to Organization Experts

Forgetting about those scallions you bought last month or struggling to fit cans of seltzer in the crisper? It’s time to organize your fridge.

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Can a Neighborhood Become a Network?

The mutual-aid networks that have defined the COVID-19 pandemic are looking to the long term.

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Koreatown Craftsman With Lots of Hand-Carved Woodwork Asks $1.5M

Built in 1910, the house sits on a lush property that includes a recording studio out back.

In Defense of the Aboveground Pool

With public swimming options limited because of the pandemic, this backyard classic is finally getting its due.

Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian (Built With Red Tidewater Cypress) Asks $425K in Wisconsin

This Usonian two hours north of Madison, Wisconsin, features Wright trademarks like a long horizontal roof and clerestory windows.

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Jewelry designers, artists, and bored people alike have pivoted to papier-mâché

Your inner third grader will love this design trend.

Austin Mid-Century Time Capsule Comes With Peachy Formica Countertops

The well-preserved 1950 home has landmark potential, but its bonus adjacent lot could also present a developer opportunity.

Life in Seattle’s Autonomous Zone, According to the People Who Live There

What it’s like to live through tear gas and an Occupy movement.

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How to Bribe a Los Angeles Lawmaker

Escorts, cash, and karaoke bars.

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How do I balance keeping my home livable and getting work done?

No matter your living situation, you don’t need to face housework alone.

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The Disaster Building

Faced with no heat, a gas leak, and a neglectful landlord, two New York City renters went from hallway acquaintances to close friends.

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The Duplex With Friends

How two families living in a duplex have weathered the pandemic together.

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The Van-Life Caravan

Living in a camper van doesn’t have to mean living by yourself. Here’s how some nomads find community on the road.

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How to pick the best outdoor furniture at any budget

We break down the different types of outdoor furniture—like teak, aluminum, and wicker—and share over a dozen picks at various price points.

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What It’s Like to Be a Neighbor Right Now

Curbed asked readers how quarantine life had changed their neighborhoods. Here, five of our favorite anecdotes.

An Architectural Designer Made a List of 200 Black Creatives You Should Follow

Sean Canty made it easier to diversify your Instagram feed.

Carmel Oceanfront Home With Barrel-Vaulted Ceilings Asks $14.5M

Situated along a secluded stretch of Carmel Bay on the Monterey Peninsula, this four-bedroom home is the stuff of postcards.

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The appeal of the TikTok everyhouse

The clocks look familiar, and the doors are probably from Lowe’s, and the speckles in the granite look like the speckles in your granite.

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Three Best Deals on an Apartment With Private Outdoor Space — All Under $3,000

If you’re dreaming about our own outdoor oasis right now, consider these picks in Greenwich Village, Long Island City, and Midwood.

Mid-Century “Cube” House Just Outside Detroit Now Wants $635K

The historic Balogh House appears to float in the woods, thanks to a striking use of negative space.

How to End Anti-Blackness in Cities

Black urbanists are mobilizing to eradicate racism in their field.

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The fraught return of working at home

Dividing life from work has always been a challenge, especially if your home office doesn’t include walls.

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Mid-Century Lodge With Ocean and Canyon Views Asks $4.8M in Topanga

Designed in 1963 by noted local architect W. Earl Wear, the retreat incorporates copious amounts of redwood, stone, and glass.

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Protests Aren’t Only in the Streets

Homes, theaters, and whole neighborhoods can be revolutionary spaces too.