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8 most beautiful subway stations in the U.S.

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Climate Strike: Why transportation is key for these student activists

How they’re getting to today’s marches matters.

Moody all-black house hides a calm courtyard

The monolithic house unfolds into a C-shaped layout that wraps around a timber-decked outdoor space.

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11 things we loved at the Chicago Architecture Biennial 2019

A library of activism, a decolonized history, and an activated former public school.

Ikea gears up for a cozy winter with new holiday collection

The retailer just announced Värmer, a new line of winter and holiday-themed goods meant for cozy days spent with friends and family.

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

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The truth about RVs

"You’re not going to buy an RV and drive it off the lot and have no hassles."

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Youth-led NYC climate strike will head to Foley Square, Battery Park

The protest is joined by several young climate leaders, including Greta Thunberg.

Architectural criticism has a problem but it’s not press trips

The issue isn’t flights and hotels—it’s about who grants and gets access.

The 10 trends that will shape real estate in 2020

The Urban Land Institute’s annual look at the year ahead finds some direction within a fog of uncertainty.

Crowd counting and cities: 5 things you need to know

Thousands are protesting today as part of the Global Climate Strike, but how do we count them? We break down the science of counting crowds in cities.

Craftsman cottage with gorgeous gardens asks $2M in Santa Barbara

Dine alfresco under a pergola while eating fruit from your very own orchard.

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Rebuilding my home—and my life—after an earthquake

I didn’t fix the cracks that cut through my walls, first telling myself that I’d get around to it eventually, and later actively avoiding it.

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How federal flood policy is, and isn’t, addressing climate change today

Reformers push for updates to flood insurance, FEMA maps, and rebuilding programs as recent disasters underscore rising costs.

How do buildings contribute to climate change?

It involves how we construct buildings, how we use them, and where they’re located.

New Charlotte building graced with massive 4K LED display

The colors bend and blend around each other like a continuous weather radar, never showing the same visual twice.

This breezy home feels like an indoor treehouse

"Floating" platforms pull double duty, functioning as an overlook to the ground floor while serving as pathways to upper-level rooms.

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The Green New Deal is really about designing an entirely new world

It involves unbuilding our mistakes—and building an equitable, just, and sustainable future.

Dreamy Vermont farm on 200 acres asks $1.5M

With picture-perfect gardens, multiple houses, and a spring-fed pond for swimming, this looks like the ultimate rural oasis.

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Millennium Tower penthouse 600 feet above Boston on sale for $14.95M

Naturally, the 59th-floor three-bedroom makes a lot of use of its views.

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At $1.15M, unbelievably detailed Victorian in Grant Park declared among Atlanta’s finest

Picturesque Fischer House occupies a corner near the neighborhood’s main park—and a place in the city’s architectural history.

5 shipping container homes you can order right now

From rooftop decks to custom wood floors, these repurposed shipping containers are anything but boring.

Bernie Sanders says ‘housing must be a right’ with $2.5 trillion plan

Announced during a campaign stop in Las Vegas on Saturday, the proposal Includes national rent control, community land trust, and housing assistance as an entitlement.

Build your own miniature city with these adorable paper kits

The kits, which include houses, trees, and trains, come as pre-cut cardstock objects that can be popped out and folded along dotted lines.

The ‘Downton Abbey’ castle is opening up to superfans for a one-night stay

Two lucky guests will get a tour of the grounds and a private chamber.

Breezy midcentury in Sarasota asks $2.4M

Designed by architect William Rupp, the home showcases the Sarasota School’s affinity for open floor plans, indoor-outdoor living, and large planes of glass.

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Case Study architect Edward Killingsworth’s Long Beach home for sale for $3.3M

It’s an elegant midcentury modern dream.

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All kinds of small dining tables for under $500

Our picks for small-space-friendly dining tables covering a range of shapes, sizes, styles, and budgets. A bunch are on sale right now!

World’s first fully electric RV can now go 249 miles on one charge

This new full-size motorhome has a longer range, but is it enough?

These tiny backyard studios can be used for anything you want

Designed as a low-fuss alternative for people looking for a little extra room, each EscapeSpace comes fully built and ready to use.

New millennial-friendly kitchen brand is a one-stop shop for home cooking

Equal Parts aims to offer everything you need for home cooking in one tidy, simple, stylish package.

Historic 17th-century home with barn asks $650K

Built by William Hill, one of the founders of Hartford, Connecticut, the home features a traditional "keeping room" with a fireplace, stone walls, and views out to the gardens.

Coliving pioneer Common expanding nationwide, adding thousands of units

The major expansion reaching cities such as Denver, Boston, Baltimore, and Portland, signal coliving’s coming of age.

Why we need to reframe the rules of transportation design

Centering ethics, equity, and empathy is a "moral imperative," says Toole Design.

How the Homes Guarantee proposal could make housing a right

Progressive political coalition wants to make green, affordable housing a right, and de-commodify housing market.

Modern additions cleverly expand a postwar cottage

The project makes the most of the backyard garden with separate additions for a bedroom and kitchen.

Minimalist sushi restaurant in Japan makes gorgeous use of wood

The 250-square-foot spot has been transformed into a bunker of wood and warmth for the ultimate minimalist dining experience.

Architects’ favorite clothing brand to launch Bauhaus-inspired capsule collection

The crisp, clean, and entirely no-nonsense pieces were created in honor of the 100 year anniversary of the Bauhaus.

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A black metal house lets in Seattle’s light

The clever reno emphasizes its sprawling gardens.

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Meet the couple doing designer renovations of modest homes in Detroit neighborhoods

Most of the homes are under 1,000 square feet and sell for less than $100,000. All are charming.

Modern cabins create dreamy family getaway in the woods

The cluster of cabins accommodate family members flying in from various parts of the country.

Own a piece of the Eames House with these limited edition tables

As part of an ongoing conservation project, two eucalyptus trees at the iconic residence had to come down. But they didn’t go to waste.

Untouched midcentury time capsule asks $200K

Horizontal lines and a low slung roof welcome you to the home, while inside a great room and stone fireplace are a focal point.