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In Times Square, two historic theaters get ready for the spotlight once again

Take a look at the redevelopment plans for the Times Square Theater, and the Palace Theater.

Trump’s tent camp for migrant children expands

Like the border wall, a tent city is a physical manifestation of the Trump administration’s immigration agenda.

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New home flipping platform sells to the first bidder, not the highest

Bungalo is the latest startup hoping to upend the real estate transaction.

Marines 3D printed an entire concrete barrack in less than two days

The U.S. Marine Corps recently finished its first 3D-printed barracks, and it’s a sign of what’s to come for rapid-built housing.

Florida town is first in the world to test autonomous school shuttles

This fall, the planned community has partnered with Transdev to launch a pilot program for self-driving shuttle buses that can transport up to 12 children at a time.

Shipping container house in the desert asks $610K

Measuring 2,969 square feet, the house was designed around two stacks of shipping containers with an expansive area in the middle.

Cities, obsessed with electric cars, overlook simple solutions at the Global Climate Action Summit

Walking and biking will reduce emissions faster.

‘Artist’s Dream’ is a houseboat for all seasons

This shingled, two-story houseboat just a few blocks up from Gasworks Park in Wallingford has cozy areas to cuddle up inside and outdoor options for whatever nature throws at you.

6 tips for maximizing small-space storage

From taking inventory of your belongings to tricking out the closets, here are six steps for making the most of your space.

Heartbreakingly beautiful Hayes Valley Victorian seeks $2.9 million

Located next to a mini park and garden.

Apartment-like camper expands to four times its size

The ioCamper can be used on the go or as a permanent tiny guesthouse.

9 cities with smart ideas to improve transportation

From planning for walkable neighborhoods to autonomous transit, how some U.S. cities plan to upgrade public transit.

How safe are New York’s ubiquitous fire escapes?

New Yorkers often treat these archaic means of egress as their own private balcony, but should they?

Untouched midcentury modern gem asks $535K

This four-bedroom, three-bath Eichler-inspired home about 45 minutes northwest of Atlanta maintains almost all of its original features.

New app Dryp wants to be your ‘personal plant assistant’

Currently fundraising on Kickstarter, Dryp aims to be a one-stop shop for wannabe green thumbs.

Campaign launched to give scooters to Detroit kids

Project Free Bird aims to give scooters to Detroit’s youth.

Tiny house tries indoor-outdoor living with sliding roof

This tiny home has not one but two lofts, and one of them opens directly to the great outdoors.

New ‘Airstream hotel’ coming to Yosemite National Park

Stay in one of 80 iconic silver bullet trailers or 15 luxury glamping tents.

Swedish apartment for sale is a daring mix of old and new

It’s full of beautifully ornate elements that feel almost edgy next to the home’s modern features.

Brutalist beauty in Texas Hill Country asks $849K

Raw concrete doesn’t always elicit the same sort of cozy feeling as a farmhouse, but it can make for some gorgeous architecture.

Inside Jeanne Gang’s Solstice on the Park

The striking apartment tower is a future Hyde Park icon in the making.

Ikea’s Space10 imagines the future of self-driving cars

The Spaces on Wheels project envisions autonomous vehicles that are also an office, a farm stand, an AR gaming experience, a doctor’s office, and more.

Apartment building in Denmark will only rent to pet owners

Not only are dogs and cats allowed in the apartments—they’re required (so long they’re under 100 pounds).

The Boston parking garage, R.I.P.

It’s not just that the city has been green-lighting proposal after proposal to redevelop parking garages. It’s that there are so few new ones going up—and, when they are going up, they are invariably part of larger mixed-use complexes.

New Lyft app will give directions to scooters, public transit in Santa Monica

Lyft isn’t just for cars anymore—users will be able to view nearby transit routes with real-time arrival information.

No-frills travel trailer camps 2 for $7K

Cargo Camper is a Texas-based company that’s building small, basic campers that get people outdoors on a budget.

Where to buy plants online

Nowadays, you can find plenty of houseplants that can be ordered online and shipped directly to your door.

My Atlanta: Janaya Keaton was just evicted, and she blames gentrification

The Atlanta educator and mother of two loved her Adair Park street—until she couldn’t afford it.

New York’s 10 biggest property owners

See all the key players in New York’s real estate scene and to what extent they control the city’s landscape

Meet the twist-and-turning streetlamp of the future

Its head is sleek and angular, with rows of circular LEDs that can cast four different types of light—streetlight, flood light, spotlight, and elliptical light.

How traveling abroad with kids showed me how to fix U.S. transit

Our trip to Sweden featured reliable trains, wide sidewalks, ubiquitous bathrooms—and no car seats.

New startup gives the HVAC system a smart upgrade

Alea Air uses sensor-laden vents to track and adjust temperature, monitor air quality, and anticipate a homeowner’s temperature preferences.

Picture-perfect farmhouse near Atlanta asks $515K

Located about 40 minutes north east of Atlanta, this six-bedroom, four-bath farmhouse is a lot of value for the asking price.

‘Livable version’ of Philip Johnson’s Glass House hits the market

The $7.7M price tag includes Johnson’s 1953-built Alice Ball House, plus the construction of a modern complement designed by Reja Bakh.

Hurricane Florence will dump up to 50 percent more rainfall due to climate change

Scientists conducted the first attribution study that identifies the impact of climate change before a major storm hits.

How ‘Frasier’ foreshadowed a new Seattle

When the series premiered, Frasier’s poshness was a joke—but it quickly became Seattle’s reality

5 lightweight camper trailers you can buy right now

Today, we break down five trailers that are both very cool and lightweight to boot—all weighing less than 2,000 pounds.

10 years after the financial crisis, is the housing market still at risk?

Why the housing bubble caused a crisis—and what’s different now.

City threatens to yellow tag Millennium Tower

Homeowners must fix problems related to cracked window ASAP.