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Mid-Century Post and Beam in Silver Lake Asks $2M

It’s one of a handful of homes pioneering Chinese-American Eugene Kinn Choy designed in the neighborhood.

Let’s Snoop Around Diane Keaton’s California ‘Farmhouse’

During the pandemic, Diane Keaton — like other celebrities — started broadcasting short, three-minute Instagram videos from her very nice California home.

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Vacancies in Manhattan Are Piling Up — That’s Good News If You’re a Renter

Back-to-school season will be different this year.

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A Meticulously Restored Marcel Breuer (With Hudson River Views) Asks $4.2M

The 1953 home, located about an hour north of Manhattan, was built for textile designer Vera Neumann.

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A New Yorker’s Guide to Renegotiating Rent

Everything you need to know about renegotiating the terms of your lease as demand for NYC rentals plummets and new listings flood the market.

Manhattan’s Housing Market Is Coming Back

The real estate market in NYC is starting to function again — and the current dynamics clearly favor buyers over sellers.

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Carriage House One-Bedroom Hidden Behind Chelsea’s “Muffin House” Asks $875K

The apartment has four windows overlooking the common courtyard.

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New York’s Hurricane Dilemma: Shelter From COVID-19 or a Storm

Isaias is no Sandy. But how do you keep a superstorm from being a super-spreader event?

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New Yorkers Are Using a 1930s-Era Tactic to Stop Evictions

Amid waning protections for renters and unemployment rates not seen since the Great Depression, eviction defense is poised for a resurgence.

The Suburbs Aren’t Getting Abolished, But Maybe They Should

According to Trump, an obscure housing regulation is supposedly ravaging the suburbs. It’s not.

How to Hang Pictures, Mirrors, and Plates, According to an Expert

Hanging stuff on the wall is easier than you might think

This L.A. Ceramicist Embraces the Strange

Raina Lee cooks up custom glazes inspired by 8-bit colors and vibrant things that nearly make your eyes bleed.

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Gut-Renovated House on Staten Island’s North Shore (With a Huge Backyard) Asks $819K

The open-plan living area also includes an oversize kitchen island.

Drop, Cover, and Hold On — Then Tweet

Earthquake Twitter is oddly comforting right now.

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A Fully Restored 1949 Neutra House in South Pasadena

Last sold in 2001, the home was built from plans drawn for the famed Case Study House program.

Original (But Not at All Fusty) Stickley House in Maplewood Asks $1.4M

Designed by a leading voice of the Arts & Crafts movement, this historic home is a 37-minute train ride from Penn Station.

So, Can I Have People Over for Dinner Now?

From whether you should use disposable utensils to how to social distance outside, here’s our best advice for entertaining during coronavirus.

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The Porch Puzzle

On the front porch, the desire to be neighborly butts up against the desire to be left alone.

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A Stucco Mansion in Prospect Park South With Two Balconies and a Cutting Garden

The historic residence is one-third neo-Tudor, one-third Colonial Revival, and one-third Spanish mission.

I Miss My Crowded, Messy, and Crumbling College House

The house on Pine Street was a place to gather. Now, home is safe because it’s not shared.

Is This the Saddest Pandemic Dining Experience in America?

I had lunch in a mall parking garage, and it was actually just fine.

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Bungalow Courts Make the Best Neighbors

The 350 that remain in L.A. are some of the city’s most desirable housing.

Gigi Hadid’s NYC Apartment: A Reference Guide

This past weekend, supermodel Gigi Hadid shared a few photos of the New York City home she’s spent the last year decorating. This is the house the ’90s built.

1950s Time Capsule in L.A.’s Glassell Park Asks $889K

Look out for the beamed ceilings, brick fireplace, and vintage cooktop.

A Foreclosure Crisis Could Still Happen

Homeowners are falling behind on their payments, but government policies are keeping them in their homes.

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Can a Neighborhood Become a Network?

The mutual-aid networks that have defined the COVID-19 pandemic are looking to the long term.

A Visit to Wyatt Cenac’s Listening Room in a Brooklyn High-Rise

As seen on his twice weekly Happy Hour Record Club Instagram Live.

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Park Slope Three-Bedroom a Few Blocks From Prospect Park (and Food Coop) Asks $1.5M

The south-facing living room comes with a gas fireplace.

Five-Cottage Storybook Compound in Los Feliz Returns to Market After 45 Years

The structures were handcrafted with mostly salvaged materials, including ropes and oars from Jack London’s boat.

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Jewelry designers, artists, and bored people alike have pivoted to papier-mâché

Your inner third grader will love this design trend.

Hood Century Is the Future of the Preservation Movement

It’s an Instagram account and brand that’s about "showing mid-century modern in a dope-ass way," says founder Jerald Cooper.

Somehow Elon Musk’s Tesla Tunnels Are Even Less Useful Now

The Boring Company’s "public transit" system has become a valet stand in a parking garage.

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This Four-Year-Old, $150M Mall in San Francisco Has Never Seen a Customer

6x6 was supposed to be a flashy shopping destination. Instead, it’s a death knell for S.F. development.

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How do I balance keeping my home livable and getting work done?

No matter your living situation, you don’t need to face housework alone.

Home Prices May Be Dropping Soon. Here’s Why.

Market forecasters say it’s likely to happen if federal response to the pandemic wavers.

I Moved Home When Coronavirus Hit. I Might Never Come Back to New York.

Four women on settling into adult life in their childhood hometowns.

Renovated Cottage Under Two Hours From Manhattan Asks $295K

While the Litchfield County village is ever-so-slightly too out-of-the-way to commute from, it makes for an idyllic getaway.

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How to pick the best outdoor furniture at any budget

We break down the different types of outdoor furniture—like teak, aluminum, and wicker—and share over a dozen picks at various price points.

It’s Time for Architects to Accept Responsibility

As a profession, we don’t all talk about our role in redlining. We don’t talk about equitable resource allocation. We have been complicit in warehousing people.