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Inside an ultra stylish hotel where all the furniture and art is for sale

The founders of Milan’s gorgeous Six Gallery space just created a shoppable hotel in the same 16th-century monastery.

All the best spring sales to shop this weekend

Save on outdoor furniture, Scandinavian design, small appliances, and more.

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Retro-inspired camper trailer is coming to the U.S.

The Barefoot Caravan will be manufactured in North America by NüCamp RV.

A beginner’s guide to Philly modernism

The architects and structures that shaped the 20th-century style—and the fate of their legacy.

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Notre Dame fire cause may have been electrical

Investigators are closer to discovering the cause of the devastating fire that damaged Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral this week.

Historic Queen Anne features incredible woodworking for $425K

Constructed in 1903, this Victorian boasts a wraparound deck, dreamy turret, and intricate wood features.

The city dweller’s guide to gardening

To help city or apartment dwellers with little to no outdoor space, we’ve compiled the best products for gardening in small spaces.

Wedding gifts that won’t get Kondo’d

Your soon-to-be-married friends and family will want kitchen and dining gifts. Here’s what to get them.

These massive concrete objects are moveable by hand

Inspired by the Moai statues on Easter Island, researchers wanted to create large-scale stone objects that could be moved without cranes or heavy equipment.

New national park guides make RV camping easy

RV rental company Outdoorsy just launched RV guides to national and state parks.

Bauhaus 100: Shop cool products to celebrate the anniversary

Publishers and design companies are releasing their most covetable Bauhaus or Bauhaus-inspired wares.

Selling my father’s things

Without the objects he lived with, his house was no longer my home.

Small apartment comes with a clever nap pod

The 495-square-foot apartment comprises a monochromatic plywood and pine wood interior that gives the space a tawny glow.

A Green New Deal would be a boon for construction jobs, says report

Clean energy jobs pay better, can be tool for equity, says Brookings report

Storybook Hamptons house asks $3.8M

The 2008 home was built to resemble an old sea captain’s house.

Why an AI ‘spellcheck for buildings’ may be sunk by copyright law

UpCodes, a startup trying to disrupt the business of building codes, believes fair use means free access.

3D-printed chair folds all the way up

A new prototype from French designer Patrick Jouin folds up like a high-design picnic chair.

Converted school bus is a cozy tiny home on wheels

From kid-hauling bus to 210-square-feet of style, this roving home on wheels is nicer than some apartments.

Noguchi Museum plans major expansion in Long Island City

The Queens institution, which is dedicated to the life and work of Isamu Noguchi, will become more accessible to visitors

Celebrating six trailblazing Bauhaus women

As the Bauhaus turns 100, we turn the spotlight on the school’s extraordinary women, whose experiences are still instructive today.

Notre Dame fire: What was saved and what was lost

The cathedral has received more than $1 billion in pledges to rebuild.

Notre Dame fire and restoration: News and updates

The latest about Paris’s iconic Gothic cathedral, the aftermath of the April 15, 2019 fire, and restoration efforts.

Midcentury modern with giant indoor pool asks $699K

Built in 1959 by Wisconsin architect Myron Sielaff as his personal residence, the 6,410-square-foot house features a unique five-sided room design.

Notre Dame fire: Competition launched to replace iconic spire

It’s part of the French government’s pledge to rebuild within five years

Bringing back the Bauhaus

In 1925, the design school was forced out of Weimar. The city is ready to welcome it back.

French office building is like a real-life MC Escher drawing

The building is wrapped in a maze of stairs, which provide ample space for people to meet.

The future is coming—at 11 miles per hour

Autonomous shuttle companies want to fill the first-mile, last-mile gaps in public transportation.

These high-end purses double as home storage boxes

Add an insert and Le Pilage goes from purse to organizational tool.

Algorithms designed this backyard mother-in-law unit

Computer-aided designs can help make designing and building more efficient and cheaper.

The New Bauhaus, a radical design school before its time

Led by visionary László Moholy-Nagy, the Chicago school had an unorthodox vision for industrial design.

How global cities are going green

8 policies U.S. cities can follow to help cut emissions.

Notre Dame fire: How do you restore an architectural masterpiece?

Experts discuss what comes next in the rebirth and rebuilding of the cathedral.

Picturesque Santa Barbara ranch asks $4.4M

Swoon over the outdoor spaces and stay for the sophisticated interiors.

A couple trades their 1800s townhouse for a new-build

An Indianapolis couple trades a 19th-century townhouse for a carefully crafted new-build home

Are textured wall coverings the new wallpaper?

This wallpaper from designer Mario Romano actually isn’t made from paper at all.

Notre Dame fire: The first interior photos of the Paris cathedral

The cathedral has been saved from total destruction.

Tesla camper wants to be fastest RV in the world

The prototype will have a range of 200 miles and debut this week in Michigan.

Houseboat ‘Andante’ offers plenty of space and tugboat vibes for $499K

Bay windows, exposed grain, and room to stretch out define this Lake Union houseboat.

Midcentury gem with floating wraparound terrace asks $2M

At 5,000 square feet, the home features a 20-foot atrium, wall-to-wall windows, and access to the outdoors from every bedroom.