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Stylish stucco home is all curves and color

‘Nice Try!’ isn’t over yet. Join us for a live taping

Avery Trufelman and New York Times’s Caity Weaver will be onstage in New York City to host a special bonus episode.

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Artist’s home in Santa Barbara is a color lover’s dream

While renovating her ’70s-built home, Jane Gottlieb found that infusing the space with color was just what it needed.

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Take a van life vacation in a Winnebago Revel

Rent a Winnebago camper van from the airport and explore Yellowstone, Grand Teton, or Zion National Park.

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How Eero Saarinen’s iconic TWA Flight Center was brought back to life

Rarely does a hotel launch drum up so much fanfare, but then again, the TWA Hotel isn’t any old project

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

A mirrored hot air balloon is flying across Massachusetts this summer

The gleaming piece from artist Doug Aitken aims to showcase the state’s natural landscape.

Amazon enters the real estate business with Realogy partnership

By partnering with Realogy, Amazon hopes to jump-start its smart home and home services businesses.

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As Nevada booms, Henderson and Reno grapple with growth limits

The economy is diversifying, Californians are moving in, and housing prices rise, but can the state sustain all this growth?

England adds a High Tech supermarket to its National Heritage List

England’s registry of historically significant places, is adding its first supermarket to its roster—a sprawling Sainsbury store in Camden’s Grand Union Complex.

Big Sur modern stunner can be yours for $6.9M

The property sprawls across 10 acres of some of California’s most prized land above Garrapata State Beach.

What would Mister Rogers say about our neighborhoods today?

Tom Hanks is Fred Rogers in a trailer for ‘It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.’

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How trees can save us

They are the most effective, efficient, and immediate form of urban climate action —provided they’re planted where people need them most.

For $2,500 a month, you can gain access to 60,000 luxury homes around the world

A new subscription service charges a flat monthly rate for luxury lodging.

As smart home market booms, builders see plug-and-play tech as a standard feature

Brilliant, a smart home controller, is helping builders make high-tech a standard option for new homes

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Cory Booker and Elizabeth Warren want to force cities to adopt YIMBY policies. Can they?

They have plans to try, but it’s unclear how effective they’d be.

Remembering César Pelli, architect of iconic skyscrapers worldwide

"I want to capture the nobility of the tall buildings so that they can share in being sacred elements," he once said.

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101 ways to thrive in a city with kids

Make urban environments even more magical for little ones with these big—and small—ideas.

Do-everything tent works on land, air, and water

The Tentsile Universe is a portable tree house by night and a stand up paddleboard by day.

Property Brothers venture into homebuilding with $5M house for sale outside Las Vegas

The brothers are working with Las Vegas architecture and construction companies to create luxury homes under the name of Dream Homes by Scott Living.

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The real reason there aren’t more kids in cities

It’s not easy to raise a family in a big American city. But it’s not any easier anywhere else in this country either.

Now you can rent outdoor gear with your campsite

No camping gear? No problem. A new partnership lets you rent outdoor gear with your campsite.

A-frame inspired camper is an adventure-ready home-on-wheels

The camper transforms from gear hauler to spacious pop-up cabin with sleeping spots for four.

Toronto’s mega-development boom is reshaping downtown

The Canadian metropolis is going vertical as a building spree of billion-dollar projects continues

Floyd is launching modular shelves that assemble in 20 minutes

The Shelf comes in three sizes—tall, short, and wardrobe—and three colors, and each base unit can be added side by side to create a customized set-up.

Historic waterfront Victorian asks $1.2M

We’re dreaming of cool breezes and iced lemonade on this waterfront wraparound porch.

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In wake of second e-scooter death, Atlanta leaders promise a push for safer streets

City councilmember: "When someone dies on our roads, it, in part, represents a failure of design."

Help me pick a coffee table

And unscented candles. And random home goods.

In honor of Apollo 11, these space-themed vacation rentals are going for $11 a night

Airbnb is offering $11-a-night stays in five otherworldly abodes, including a UFO-shaped prefab.

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Hey, middle class, the housing crisis is coming for you next

As housing prices keep rising, Americans higher and higher up the income spectrum feel the pinch.

Hot housing market has fueled economic expansion—and inequality

CoreLogic report examined how overall economy has been tied to turnaround in housing market

The Getty Foundation grants $1.6 million to preserving modernist gems

This year’s winners include two U.S. works by Eero Saarinen, a Mozambique rail station, and a Soviet-era monument.

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Postmodern and late modern architecture: The ultimate guide

Great architecture that’s often under-appreciated, misunderstood, and unprotected

Record-breaking overnight temperatures could make heat wave deadly for cities

More than half of Americans will be exposed to dangerous heat this week—but the scorching daytime highs aren’t the biggest problem.

You can soon book a night in the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile

To celebrate National Hot Dog Day, Oscar Mayer, purveyor of mass produced meat links, announced it’s renting out its Weinermobile.

Dreamy stone cabin in the woods asks $542K

This peaceful one-bedroom retreat is less than three hours from San Francisco.

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The unexpected gift of couch arrest

Sitting at home all day every day, I noticed the small ways my apartment had changed.

Can utopia ever exist?

The final episode of Nice Try! season one explores utopias by and for feminists.

Obsessed with utopias? Read the books that inspired ‘Nice Try!’

If you’re interested in learning more about the failed utopias on the podcast, these 29 titles are a good place to start.

Climate mayors ask Congress for swifter transportation action

In a Senate committee hearing, five U.S. mayors say they need more federal support to hit their emissions goals.

Smart planter has a screen that displays your plant’s ‘feelings’

For anyone who’s ever wondered, "How does my plant really feel?" finding the answer could get a whole lot easier with the Lua smart planter concept.

Snøhetta’s architectural interventions in the Austrian Alps let the land speak for itself

The designs encourage pause and reflection along a 1.7 mile hiking trail in the Nordkette mountains.