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Admit It, You Want to Wear Vintage, Too

Clockwise from top left, camera cuff links, Lanvin accessories, Armani army shoes, floral dress, Hermès Kelly bag, and seersucker blazer.

Sometimes it seems every great outfit in this city is vintage, vintage, vintage, and vintage. New York is a veritable treasure trove of fabulous finds. But we know looking through pre-worn stuff is a scary thought. So we did it for you in our vintage Shop-A-Matic. We scoured the racks at 34 stores to bring you 140 of the best clothing and accessories from the thirties to the nineties (yes, nineties gear is now vintage — we feel old too). Mixing antique items with current pieces is a great way to take your wardrobe to that next level: We suggest pairing a fifties-style dress with Louboutin pumps or a pair of seventies sandals with a cotton frock. Admit it — you’ve always wanted to answer people who compliment your outfit by saying, “Thanks. It’s vintage.” Here are a few of our favorite pieces:

Camera Cuff Links
Price: $45
Why we like it: These cuff links from the early fifties feature a vintage camera. Just take a look at the bottom-right corner at the word “argus” as in the Argus camera company, which was founded in the thirties.

Bakelite Bracelet and Necklace by Lanvin
Price: $235 per piece
Why we like it: These mod sixties accessories look brand-new, and the bold color-blocking is so now.

Italian Army Shoes by Giorgio Armani
Price: $85
Why we like it: Armani designed these shoes in the seventies for the Italian army to train in, so says the shopgirl at Amarcord in Soho. Unreal! It’s like announcing that our beloved Marc Jacobs is designing kicks for the Marine Corps — so otherworldly. Love.

Floral Dress
Price: $72
Why we like it: Pair this bold eighties floral dress from Atomic Passion’s East Village store with a pair of gladiator sandals, and the look screams Balenciaga spring ‘08.

Kelly Bag by Hermès
Price: $4,250
Why we like it: Because it’s the Kelly bag from Hermès! ‘Nuff said.

Seersucker Blazer
Price: $85
Why we like it: This men’s blazer is a rare find from the sixties since it’s virgin vintage. That means it’s never been worn, sold, or even handled outside the plastic it gets shipped in. —Sharon Clott

Admit It, You Want to Wear Vintage, Too