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Everything We Thought We Knew About ‘Project Runway’ Could Be Wrong

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Remember when you tried to place out of French in college and you took the qualifying exam thinking you knew everything? And when you were all done you realized you knew rien? That’s how we felt when we read negotiations for Project Runway’s magazine sponsor for its first season on Lifetime haven’t even started. So everything we thought we knew about Marie Claire’s snatching that spot and Nina Garcia from Elle could be wrong. Yes, the magazine is trying really hard to get on the show for season six, but rumor has it In Style also wants the spot since their newsstand sales are shrinking. The Weinstein Co. says it’s all up in the air.

Also, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors are continuing negotiations with the Weinstein Co. on their contracts, so although we can’t even begin to imagine Project Runway without Nina’s critiques or Kors’s puns, their futures on the show are technically uncertain. Garcia, who will reportedly take a major position at Marie Claire, still has yet to decide what to do with Elle’s offer of a contributing editorship making the whole Monet even blurrier. So it looks like we’re all back in French for beginners. Curses.

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Everything We Thought We Knew About ‘Project Runway’ Could Be Wrong