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Anna Wintour Defies Expectations, Is Pro-Target

A-Dubs took time out of her busy show schedule (someone has to give that nod of approval that lets other editors know what’s in) to sit with The Wall Street Journal for a little Q&A on the economy. Contrary to what you may think, Anna is not all about buying expensive things. In fact, she thinks mixing high and low is the way to go. What else did we learn?

She believes in quality over quantity.

Yes, I don’t think anyone is going to want to look overly flashy, overly glitzy, too Dubai, whatever you want to call it. I just don’t think that’s the moment. But I do feel an emphasis on quality and longevity and things that really last.

Michelle Obama is influencing more than just the cover of Vogue.

I think we need to give women the aspirational clothes that can make them dream, and another portfolio that’s about mixing high and low, certainly the way the First Lady is dressing. It’s about a mix. … In the Index pages we are looking more rigorously at price and value and asking, “is something worth that particular price tag?”

She supports Target collaborations.

I am sure that the checks from Target, and the exposure, are very helpful. I don’t agree that [they lost ground to cheap-chic retailers]. If it’s the right fit, [I encourage it] absolutely. One of the collaborations we do through the Fashion Fund is with the Gap [wherein the winners design their own twist on the classic white shirt]. Gap takes the designers all over the world, and photographs them with young models wearing the shirts. And the shirts are fabulous.

It’s nice to see Anna and the Voguettes getting into the recession spirit. They’re just like us!

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Anna Wintour Defies Expectations, Is Pro-Target