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Be a Front-Row Valentine

Leading up to Fashion Week, our reporters asked the front-row denizens about their plans for Valentine’s Day and their thoughts on public displays of affection. After the jump, some loving words from Sean Lennon and Simon Doonan, as well as the worst Valentine’s Day story we’ve ever heard.

Is there a place that PDA is not appropriate?
Singapore. I don’t think you’re supposed to do that there. Yeah, Singapore is definitely out.

What about the front row of a fashion show?
I didn’t even realize there was such etiquette. I didn’t realize it was such an uptight situation. I mean the models are all naked, so why does it matter what we’re doing? I don’t really understand!
—Sean Lennon

How do you feel about public displays of affection in the front row?
I don’t care if people have sexual intercourse in the front row! I wish people were more uninhibited at fashion shows. I would love to see people eating Subway sandwiches and drinking Big Gulps.
—Simon Doonan

Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day?
It’s the day before my show, so my poor boyfriend will be watching me sewing buttons.
—Jonathan Saunders

Any Valentine’s Day horror stories?
I went to Jamaica once with my boyfriend for a romantic Valentine’s Day trip, and we went swimming. I didn’t see the signs that said “Danger: coral, strong riptide” so I just ran into the water and got picked up by a wave and thrown face-first into a coral reef five or six times. My boyfriend couldn’t swim, so I crawled out of the water with my face, hands, and knees all cut and bleeding. Everywhere we went for the rest of the week, people thought that my boyfriend had beaten me up. It was terrible.
—Joan Osborne

Be a Front-Row Valentine