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McQ Pop-up Space Makes for Easy Shopping

We’ve been waiting to feel the love all this Valentine’s Day. And we finally found it at the McQ Market, the two-day shopping event at 330 West Street, home to Alexander McQueen’s Target line before it hits stores next month. After the equally hyped Commes des Garçons H&M launch, we expected a line, frisky elbows, and perhaps a few bruises. (We dare to shop for you, dear readers.) But we encountered none of that, and only a small number of shoppers, due, no doubt, to the location. The space is a giant warehouse, thoughtfully decorated in McQ flare, with many full racks of clothing sparsely scattered around, and a D.J. playing. There was no line to check out, but there was a long, glacially paced one for the fitting rooms, causing many shoppers to strip down in dark corners, sample-sale style. Of course, there were no mirrors in the place. We tried on a trench and a kind fellow shopper offered to take our photo with her digital camera. We still couldn’t decide if we liked it but returned the favor, reaffirming the solidarity of the McQueen sisterhood.

As for the merch, we found a large stock of the pink-patterned dresses, glazed trenches, and cropped leather vests. The gray one-shoulder dresses, which look great on, were scarce, but we suspected many were with dressing-room keepers.

So if you can’t wait for your Target McQueen, go to the pop-up this weekend, bring a camera, and make friends. You can even return and exchange!

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Behold Alexander McQueen’s Target Line

McQ Pop-up Space Makes for Easy Shopping