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20 charming midcentury kitchens, ranked from virtually untouched to fully renovated

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Inside a '50s glass house in Connecticut
Photo by François Dischinger via Arch Digest

When it comes to midcentury houses, how well the design has been maintained, restored, or updated is always a point of fervent discussion. In honor of Thanksgiving, during which copious amounts of food will be consumed, we're focusing the ogling and debate on midcentury kitchens. As the part of the home that's steeped in tradition yet demands up-to-date amenities, the kitchen often strikes an intriguing balance between authenticity and a contemporary sway. Here now, 20 rad kitchens that range from those deserving total time-capsule status to those thoroughly remodeled for modern living.

MK1 1. Wondrous time capsule kitchen from 1956 with vintage GE appliances—Photo by Nathan Chandler via Flickr
MK2 2. Original kitchen in an architect's own 1960 home—Photo via Zillow
MK3 3. The kitchen of rare Frank Lloyd Wright house on market for the first time in Minneapolis—Photo by Landmark
MK4 4. Original fixtures span this groovy '50s house in Oklahoma—Photo via Zillow
MK5 5. The bright kitchen in a midcentury home for atom bomb scientists—Photo via Zillow
MK66 6. Eichler time capsule kitchen, enough said—Photo by Daniel Dent
MK7 7. The quaint kitchen in a midcentury mystery house from Illinois—Photo via Zillow
MK88 8. A fine galley kitchen in a 1955 midcentury jewel in Spokane, WA—Photo via Zillow
MK9 9. Open kitchen in a spectacular 1973 Malibu beach house —Photo via Partners Trust
MK10 10. Another galley kitchen in the restored 1960 Frame-Harper House in Houston, TX—Photo via Realtor
MK11 11. An Eichler's collaborator's post-and-beam dream—Photo by David Wakely/Ira Kahn via Matt Kahn Living Trust
MK12 12. The breezy kitchen in an impeccably maintained 1954 home—Photo by Shooting LA via The Partners Trust
MK13 13. The picture-perfect kitchen in a dreamy Palmer & Krisel pad in Palm Springs—Photo via Paul Kaplan Real Estate
MK14 14. This glassy updated kitchen in a 1972 Neutra gem has a fab view—Photo via Zillow
MK15 15. Another updated midcentury beauty in Palm Springs—Photo courtesy Paul Kaplan Group
MK16 16. The bright open kitchen in a restored midcentury gem by a Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice—Photo by Mariko Reed via Klopf Architecture
MK17 17. The vibrant open kitchen in an updated Eichler house in Northern California—Photo via East Bay Modern
MK18 18. Stainless steel reigns supreme in the kitchen of Pierre Koenig's Case Study House #21—Photo by Grant Mudford, courtesy of Barry Sloane
MK19 19. Gorgeous kitchen in an updated '50s glass house in Connecticut—Photo by François Dischinger via Arch Digest
MK20 20. It's beams galore in the open kitchen of this revamped 1966 Pierre Koenig house—Photo by Cameron Carothers via Architecture for Sale