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5 teardrop trailers you can buy right now

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The iconic shape gets a reboot

A white camper trailer in a desert. There are people in the trailer lounging on a bed.
This “polygonized teardrop” is a fresh take on the classic shape, can be towed by any car, and costs $9,000. Read more about the Polydrop Trailer, over here.
Courtesy of Polydrop Trailers

There are so many types of campers out there, from huge Class As to midsize camper vans. But one of the most iconic styles of campers is the teardrop. Despite falling out of fashion in the 1960s, the teardrop trailer is making a comeback thanks to its swooping shape, its light tow weight, and sensible design. Love campers and trailers? Come join our community group.

Curbed is dedicated to the camper beat, and we’ve tracked the best camper vans, lightweight trailers, and family campers in the past. Today, however, we’re dedicated to helping you find the best teardrop on the market, from tiny campers to larger units that can sleep a family. Behold, five teardrop trailers you can order right now.

The Polydrop Trailer

A camper trailer attached to a dark grey van. The trailer and van are parked in a desert. There are mountains in the distance. Courtesy of Polydrop

Cost: Currently 20 limited edition launch models cost $9,000 each, before shipping. Once they have ramped up production, the Polydrop trailer will cost $13,000.

Details: A bit like a spaceship and a teardrop trailer had a baby, the Polydrop trailer uses wood and skinned aluminum to create an all-new take on what a modern camper can look like. The trailer uses an aluminum chassis and wood structure to clock-in at a very lightweight 760 pounds dry. It also only has an 80-pound tongue weight, which means you can easily maneuver the trailer into place when it’s not hitched.

Inside, strut-assisted butterfly doors display a clean and simple cabin filled with a 48 by 75 inch mattress. The light-colored pine walls give off a Scandinavian vibe, and the well-insulated camper also boasts a roof vent, LED lighting, and leather trim. There’s not a ton of storage compared to other, larger teardrops, but three small cubbies get the job done.

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Tiny Camper

A camper trailer in a field of wildflowers. The trailer has a blue and white pattern. There is a man lounging on a bed inside the trailer. There are two chairs and a picnic basket sitting next to the trailer. Courtesy of Tiny Camper

Cost: The larger Tearcuby costs approximately $14,400 while the smaller Mini starts at about $10,000.

Details: Lithuania-bbased Tiny Camper makes two different teardrop models, both in colorful graphics and with a fresh feel compared to the rather stale designs of some American campers. The Tearcuby (1,650 pounds) is the larger teardrop that sleeps a family in a queen size bed and a child-size bunks. The Mini (1,410 pounds) is Tiny Camper’s smaller model, meant for two people to sleep on a queen size bed with storage above. Both models are made with natural Baltic birch wood, extra large doors, and a panoramic window that makes the cabin feel airy and bright.

Prices don’t include shipping costs, and although Tiny Camper does not have any U.S. dealers, they can ship to the United States for an extra fee (we’ve waiting to hear on exactly how much). Tiny Camper also sells DIY kits made up of different parts so people can create their own teardrop trailer. While it’s a bummer that this teardrop is located abroad, we think it’s unique enough to warrant inclusion here.

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Pika Trailer

A small trailer is attached to a jeep. The trailer is brown. The jeep is green and has a bicycle on top of it.
The Pika teardrop trailer from Timberleaf Trailers is a tiny take on a classic shape.
Courtesy of Timberleaf Trailers

Cost: Pricing starts at $11,750

Details: The Pika is about 1⁄3 smaller than a standard teardrop, making it perfect for one or two people.The length clocks in at just under 12 feet, and it’s the smallest of the trailers sold by Timberleaf. Even though it’s compact, you still get about 36 inches of headspace and a skylight that helps the interior feel larger.

The sleeping space also features LED reading lights, a multi-speed fan, dual USB ports, and cargo-net storage. The best part might be the dual-access door and two extra sliding windows; the Pika might be small on space but its thoughtful, airy design means that you won’t feel cramped.

For more photos and detail, head this way.

The Little Guy Max

A white camper trailer on a grass lawn next to a body of water.
The Little Guy Max trailer lets you stand tall despite the classic teardrop shape.
Courtesy of Little Guy Trailers

Cost: MSRP of $33,000

Details: In the Little Guy Max camper, curved lines meet a modern trailer that boasts a spacious 6 feet 7 inches of interior height. Two different sleeping areas can sleep three people total, one person in a full size dinette that converts to a bed, and two people in a bedroom area that boasts a queen size mattress. While this wouldn’t work for large families, two adults and a kiddo would fit perfectly.

Available with light maple or dark walnut hardwood cabinetry, the Little Guy Max also has a decent-sized kitchen area with a microwave, two-burner stove, a fridge, sink, and a floor to ceiling pantry. Storage cubbies are tucked in smart spaces throughout the trailer, and the camper also comes with LED lighting and a stereo system.

Two TVs and a whole lot more come standard. Check it out.

Vintage Overland

A Vintage Overland camper van. The van is white with a red stripe that has a white cross symbol. It is in the middle of a field. There are mountains in the distance. The sky is full of dark grey clouds.
Vintage Overland is a caravan company based in Grand Junction, Colorado.
Courtesy of Vintage Overland

Cost: Prices range from $12,500 for the smaller versions to $16,500 for the largest

Details: Created by Britton Purser, a design-school graduate and former carpenter, the campers aim to combine “an appreciation for art and design and the romance of vintage travel.” Featuring a welded steel frame, anodized aluminum exterior, and an interior made from Baltic birch wood, Purser and his team pay homage to Danish design with a healthy does of Colorado charm.

The company has three models and two different sizes of teardrop campers, with the largest model boasting a queen memory foam mattress, bug screen, and a pull-out writing desk.

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