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Ikea and Sonos unveil speakers that double as lamps and shelves

The Symfonisk line was designed to blend in

Photo: Ikea

Sonos is all about collaboration these days. For its latest pairing, the audio company has teamed up with another master of collaborations—Ikea. Last year, we teased rough prototypes of the speakers, which have been years in the making. And now, unveiled at Milan Design Week 2019, the designs are here in all their multifunctional glory.

The Symfonisk line is a series of bookshelf and table lamp speakers designed to blend into the home in a very literal way. The $179 table lamp is a speaker in lamp form whose interior gadgetry is nearly identical to the Sonos Play:1. The lamp’s base is swathed in black or white speaker fabric and includes buttons to control the light and music. A glowing glass shade sits on top.

At 6.6 pounds, the $99 bookshelf speaker is Sonos’s smallest speaker yet. It can stand vertically as a bookend on a shelf or become the shelf itself with brackets that let you mount it horizontally on a wall.

Speaker on shelf with water glasses Photo: Ikea
Speaker acting like a shelf Photo: Ikea

Ikea thinks of the speakers as pieces of furniture. Sonos says they’re full-on audio gadgets. In truth, they fall somewhere in between and are a good glimpse of Ikea’s continuing push into versatile, connected products. Both speakers will be available in August.