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Where Odd Mom Out’s Jill Kargman Buys Tableware, Hostess Gifts, and Artwork

Photo: Pamela Berkovic

“Who sells the best table linens? What’s your go-to hostess gift? Who’s the best upholsterer, cleaner, florist? Where’d you get that?” We asked New Yorkers with discerning eyes to give their (forceful) opinions. Ahead, Jill Kargman — author, Momzillas; creator and star, Bravo TV’s Odd Mom Out — shares her favorite things.

Mottahedeh. Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

The table? Our wedding stemware is William Yeoward, and then we have Juliska diagonal-fluted water glasses, plus some we got in Venice that are super-cool — each is different. And we have Mottahedeh black lace chargers that we use with foldedpigs skull plates, where the crossbones are a knife and fork. I love creepy candlesticks and any kind of goth stuff, like my platter of black thorns or my skull drawing from my brother Will Kopelman.

Lars Bolander. Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

My dad, Arie, tells me people my age have a fear of “brown furniture.” I do not! I loathe a white box. Mahogany makes me happy. We got our dining table at Doyle Galleries (175 E. 87th St., 212-427-2730) and Swedish chairs from Lars Bolander (232 E. 59th St., 212-924-1000). And an awesome mirror from John Rosselli (979 Third Ave., No. 1800, 212-593-2060). I saw an octagonal dining table at the Winter Antiques Show and was obsessed, but it cost more than an alcove studio.

John Rosselli. Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

What’s my art indulgence? A Tauba Auerbach hand-calligraphed letter K ( is my favorite thing we have. I love the ribbons of color in our Ryan McGinness painting. And a lot of works on paper.

Tauba Auerbach. Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

For flowers — gifts or for home — I go to Plaza Flowers (944 Lexington Ave.; 212-472-7565). Never a dud arrangement!

Plaza Flowers. Photo: Bobby Doherty/New York Magazine

Farrow & Ball wallpaper makes me happy.

For a hostess gift, I love silly, fun stuff that seems luxurious. The best gifts come from Maison 24 (470 Park Ave., 212- 355-2414), at Park Avenue and 58th Street, or In God We Trust  (70 Greenpoint Ave., Greenpoint, 718-389-3545), which has card cases that say TALENTED MOTHER FUCKER.

Ryan McGinness. Photo: Farzad Owrang/Courtesy of Ryan McGinness Studios; Inc./Art Resource; NY

We had our upholstery Fiber-Sealed so the kids don’t fuck up my Robert Kimes.

I sleep on a Tempur-Pedic. And we actually did that thing where I jumped on it with a glass of red wine that did not tip over! No bullshit. People accused me of having stock in the company because I gushed so much. Julia B. has my favorite linens right now.

In God We Trust. Photo: Courtesy of the vendors

Lexington Hardware (797 Lexington Ave., 212-838-5386), near 62nd Street, is like a railroad car — it’s 3-D Tetris in there — but somehow they have everything you would ever need.

For carpets, Stark (979 Third Ave., 10th and 11th fls.; 212-752-9000)! I have an awesome Alexa Hampton white-on-charcoal one that’s new.

John Derian’s strip (6–10 E. 2nd St., 212-677-3917) on East 2nd Street physically turns me on — it’s like how pervs go to Peepland.
I drool.

*This article appears in the Fall/Winter 2018 issue of New York Design Hunting.

Where Jill Kargman Buys Tableware, Hostess Gifts, and Art