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Pie in the Sky

Interior designer James Huniford was recently challenged with a first: renovating an apartment in a building shaped like a triangle.

Photo: Matthew Williams
Photo: Matthew Williams

New York City is filled with treasures from another era, many of which defy architectural convention. One such treasure is a building designed by Fred Ebeling in the shape of a triangle. “The living room is pie-shaped, the first I have ever designed with that configuration,” says designer James Huniford. “And beyond that particular challenge, I had to come up with a floor plan that had an easy flow, reinvent the beams in the ceiling that were off center, and add some elements to make it feel slightly more balanced.” In order to make the apartment more comfortable for his clients, Dr. Babak Mohajer, a gastroenterologist, and Dustin Duke, an advertising creative director, Huniford eliminated a second small bedroom to allow room for this banquette seating area, seen above. The fabric on the banquette is from Kravet, and the table is from Design Within Reach. The pendant light is from Quotient. The wall art is made of vintage wooden shields. The chair is part of the James Huniford Furniture Collection.

Huniford designed the marble island for the kitchen. The pendant lights are from Obsolete. The art is by Cécile Plaisance, and the Jean-Michel Frank bench is covered in a vintage textile. Photo: Matthew Williams
The hallway features gallery walls of photographs and a Charles chair designed by Huniford. Photo: Matthew Williams
All of the furniture for the living room had to be custom designed to fit the space proportionally. The Huniford Collection Varick sofa is upholstered in Rogers and Goffigon fabric. The Barrow chairs, which are also from the Huniford Collection, are covered in fabric by Castel, and the vintage table lamps have mica lampshades. The oval coffee table is from the Huniford Collection. “They wanted luxury, and they wanted restfulness,” says Huniford. “But they also wanted some understated drama.” Photo: Matthew Williams
The serene palette of neutrals continues in the bedroom with a carpet from Sacco that complements the headboard of the custom bed upholstered in Maharam fabric. The pendant light is from Rejuvenation, and the wall art is by Cesar Finamori. The industrial object on the bedside table is from Mantiques Modern. Photo: Matthew Williams
The den can double as a guest room. The custom banquette sofa is covered in fabric by Pollack, the custom side tables are by Huniford, and the chandelier is from Modern Artifacts. The art is by Linc Thelen. “The key to a project like this,” Huniford says, “is not to approach it in a traditional way.” And for this international designer, a triangular room is now part of his eclectic repertoire. Photo: Matthew Williams

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