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The Look Book Goes to MeMe’s Diner

On the last weekend before the restaurant closed, diners lined up for a last slice of Vietnamese-iced-coffee cake.

Hunter Abrams. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Hunter Abrams. Photo: Rochelle Brock

Hunter Abrams (pictured above), Photographer, Crown Heights.

How often did you come here?
Well, this is my third day coming in a row, and I keep running into people. My roommates are here and my friend Kia — it’s her birthday, and I just saw her waiting to get some cake and a patty melt. I’m back in the city now, but over the past few months, when I was living with my parents on Long Island, I would drive in a couple times to pick up takeout.

What dish will you miss the most?
My signature order: the Buffalo-chicken salad and a slice of cake. I also tried to buy the dressing recipe off Libby, one of the chefs, a couple of weeks ago. I was like, “Can I purchase access to the Google Doc of the recipes?” I know there’s a Google Drive. She was like, “Well, no, but as a thank-you, I’ll give you some dressing.”

Mo Faramawy, Producer and casting assistant, Prospect Heights. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Isabella Giancarlo, Designer and creative director, Crown Heights. Photo: Rochelle Brock

Are you a regular?
Yes. Two times a week, usually. It’s just a place where you can lovingly gaze at folks in the queer community without some of the — well, you know sometimes how when you’re in a queer bar, it feels kind of like a meat market? MeMe’s never felt like a meat market.

Jenny Miller, Art director, Bedford-Stuyvesant. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Victoria Salvadore, Content-acquisition manager, Crown Heights. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Beth Wolff, Social worker, Prospect–Lefferts Gardens. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Ora Wise, Chef, Crown Heights. Photo: Rochelle Brock

So you’re a chef?
Yes. I’m about to start work on this baking project: making za’atar-flavored pretzels for this campaign meant to put pressure on General Mills and Pillsbury to stop producing their products in Israeli-occupied Palestinian land. So solidarity, and they’ll look good on Instagram.

Liv Minick, DE&I consultant and DJ, Ocean Hill. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Galen Huggins, Wineshop employee, Red Hook. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Alex Millatmal, Software engineer, Bedford-Stuyvesant. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Jessica Snyder, Teacher, Red Hook. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Megan Barton, Therapist, Crown Heights. Photo: Rochelle Brock

When was the last time you were here?
The day Kobe died. We had this great meal and then walked out, and this man in a full suit stopped us and was like, “Hey, Kobe died.” Strangely, the same thing happened to me when MJ died. I was in a café, and a man turned and told me. I was like, “Bro, you’re fucking lying.”

Laine Kendall, Software engineer, Clinton Hill. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Mason Dana, Student, Bedford-Stuyvesant. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Hannah Sterrs, Strategic planner, Crown Heights. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Hillary Jeffers, Theatrical costumer, Bushwick. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Arrie Hurd, Art director, Park Slope. Photo: Rochelle Brock

What will you order?
The patty melt. The last time I took a bite into that sandwich, I closed my eyes for a solid five-to-ten seconds afterward.

Caroline Newton, Art director, Crown Heights. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Charlie Monlouis Anderle, Doula, Crown Heights. Photo: Rochelle Brock

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The Look Book Goes to MeMe’s Diner