attention zabar's shoppers!

A Lox on Both Your Houses: Jerry Nadler Brought a Zabar’s Bag to the Impeachment

Nadler, with nosh. Photo: Twitter

Donald Trump has given up his New York residency in favor of Florida, like so many elderly New Yorkers. Not so Jerry Nadler (D–Upper West Side/Bensonhurst), who is firmly committed to the motherland and its ancestral foods. So much so, in fact, that today—as was spotted by the director Alex Richanbach—he brought a Zabar’s bag through the magnetometer and onto the floor of the House of Representatives, because what’s an impeachment without a nosh?

This being New York Magazine, we had to know: What did he bring his colleagues? Bagels, symbolizing the void at the center of our national security? Some halvah, an attempt to add sweetness to the proceedings? A marble rye, a visual representation of our deliciously blended body politic? None of the above: Reached on deadline during an impeachment, Nadler’s deputy press secretary Julian Gerson told New York—and this was independently corroborated by our uptown colleagues at the West Side Rag—that the shopping bag contained “a babka and the Constitution, of course.” Delicious.

Jerry Nadler Brought a Zabar’s Bag to the Impeachment