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Lady Liberty Seems to Want You to Draw Her Like One of Your French Girls

Photo: Courtesy of Connie Lee/Marcus Garvey Park Alliance

Like many of us, Lady Liberty appears ready for the hot, vaxxed, likely unmasked, and back-to-more-or-less-normal New York City summer. As part of a citywide public-arts program, the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance recently installed a 35-foot version of the Statue of Liberty lying on her side, crowned head propped up in her hand, at the West 120th Street entrance of Morningside Park, where she’ll stay until late 2022. Reclining Liberty is intended to raise questions about American decline and transformation, according to the sculptor, Zaq Landsberg, who posed the monument like a reclining Buddha.

Lady Liberty: ‘Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls’