This TikTok Star is Just Really Good at Painting Clean Corners

Photo: @dndpainting/TikTok

Alec is a house painter — a really, really good house painter. So good that hundreds of thousands of people tune in on TikTok to watch him paint in their free time. His TikTok page, @dndpainting, has more than 565,000 followers and solely features him doing things that sound, on paper, entirely banal: Alec painting along baseboard trim, his brush following the edges of carved woodwork. But take one clip: Singing along to Fergie under his breath, he paints the area around an ornate mantle in just a few strokes, doing in 30 seconds what might take you or me a laborious 20 minutes. That video has 11 million views. In another, he somehow paints an entire wall without refilling his roller once. The only things he ever appears to tape off are light-switch covers. Every edge, every bit of trim, is all painted freehand — and with a three-inch brush at that. Some people watch it as ASMR (and the videos are tagged as such), but at the best moments, I feel more inclined to yell out “Siiiiiiiick,” as if I were watching a skateboarding video. Behold …

This TikToker is Just Really Good at Painting Clean Corners