At the Salon of Art + Design, I Fell In Love With Stackabl’s Colorful, Sustainable Furniture

Laura Kirar designed the Dulces Chair and Drake Anderson designed the Madame Lounge. Photo: Sean McBride for Stackabl

The Salon of Art + Design opened today through November 15, and trawling the drill hall at the Park Avenue Armory was an adventure where discoveries were many. One of the most delightful and surprising was the sustainable furniture company Stackabl, a design practice out of Toronto founded by Jeff Forrest in 2013. The furniture, launched in collaboration with Maison Gerard, pops in splashy primary colors. Equally great is the fact that it is sustainably made utilizing leftover materials from local manufacturers, including felt, ethically harvested wood, and recycled aluminum. These materials are configured into daybeds, chairs, benches, and settees. Maison Gerard introduced the platform by enlisting some of their top designers — including Drake/Anderson, Laura Kirar, Frampton Co, Champalimaud Design, and Georgis & Mirgorodsky — to create their own customized pieces, illustrating the possibilities of the technology. You can even design your own furniture. How about that?

The Querelle Chair was designed by Georgis and Migorodsky. Photo: Sean McBride for Stackabl
The Raki Corner Chair was designed by Champalimaud Design. Photo: Sean McBride for Stackabl

I was initially surprised that Maison Gerard, famous for its high-end antiques and contemporary furniture, was presenting this ingenious new line, but as Maison Gerard owner Benoist F. Drut says, “Antiques are the ultimate recyclable, so sustainability is in our DNA. I was naturally drawn to this innovative project, which has the potential to redefine our relationship with the materials we choose to make furniture with, prioritizes protecting the earth, and has a goal of bringing a wider audience into the world of collecting.”

Benoist F. Drut designed the Maxine Daybed. Photo: Sean McBride for Stackabl

There is (finally!) so much to do and see all over town, including myriad events sponsored by NYCXDESIGN. The ICFF, WANTED, and BDNY are all presenting at the Javits Center on Sunday and Monday, so tie on your sneakers and get going!

I Love Stackabl’s Colorful, Sustainable Furniture