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The Junior Bankers Are Revolting

Photo: Michael Nagle/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The bad boys of Goldman Sachs have found their movement: Just Say No to 5-0.

The New York Post notes that the firm’s young bankers are beefing online about company policy calling them back to the office five days a week. (“5-0” is five days in the office and zero days at home — get it?) “Nobody wants to be in 5-0,” wrote one staffer on the message board Blind, which requires a work email to log in and skews toward engineers, tech types, and now Goldman Sachs employees who are probably going to get fired.

For once, we stand with our be-fleeced and be-vested neighbors in this great mall we call life: Hell no, 5-0.

5-0? We simply will not go.

While there’s some talk of quitting in rebellion — the population heavily reflected on Blind is also the population most likely to be able to make more money elsewhere — the fire of solidarity may have found its spark with others: “They should organize and just collectively not go into the office,” suggested someone from Oracle. (“tHaT’s CoMmUnIsM,” replied a Goldman Sachs employee.)

We would happily meet our Goldman neighbors for a hang (and to hear anything else they want to say about their bosses) if we can pick a day when we’re all in. No?

The Junior Bankers Are Revolting