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Meet Eric Adams’s Other Brooklyn Apartment

Photo: Liam Brooks

Eric Adams seems to have a lot of trouble grasping basic facts about Brooklyn homes (whether he lives in them, whether he owns them, what they tend to cost). Over the past year, the mayor has repeatedly said he doesn’t own a co-op at 425 Prospect Place with his ex Sylvia Cowan — and that he transferred his shares to Cowan more than a decade ago. But on Wednesday, the City confirmed that Adams still very much owns 50 percent of the shares. Fabien Levy, a spokesperson for Adams, told the outlet that his ownership was both “transferred” to Cowan years ago and not “fully transferred.” (Levy blamed the failure to report the co-op on financial-disclosure forms on Adams’s former accountant.)

New Yorkers know Adams’s Bed-Stuy house well — he gave a tour of the downstairs one-bedroom duplex to reporters during his campaign to prove he lived there and definitely not in Fort Lee, New Jersey. And while it’s unlikely that the mayor will offer any such tour of the Prospect Place co-op, a 2017 StreetEasy listing offers a glimpse of the one-bedroom, one-bath apartment in a 58-unit prewar building in Prospect Heights. (Price: $569,000.)

Much like his purported home in Bed-Stuy, the Prospect Heights co-op’s 550 square feet of dark wood trim and exposed brick gives off strong “bachelor dad goes to Marshalls” energy. The bedroom’s wall decal reads “Enjoy this Moment / This moment is your Life.” This is very Adams whether or not he had a hand in the décor.

This 2017 StreetEasy photo of the apartment is taken from an angle that manages to squeeze in everything important in the room — the bed, the desk, the tree art, and the wall decal. No easy feat for a listing shot. Photo: Washington Realty via Streeteasy

The listing describes amenities such as a virtual doorman and a bike room. (The mayor loves to bike, so this is a great feature for a co-op he still owns half of.) The kitchen is small but functional, featuring a tiny table with seats for two. Just enough room for a pair of apartment co-owners to enjoy their breakfast.

Meet Eric Adams’s Other Brooklyn Apartment