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Kim Kardashian Is Selling Two of Her Houses

Photo: Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic

Like so many of us, Kim Kardashian currently owns at least four homes in incredibly close proximity to one another in the wealthy western outreaches of Los Angeles: a $60 million Hidden Hills mansion that serves as her primary residence, the home next door that she purchased for $800,000 over the asking price and acts as a kind of buffer between her property and Kanye West’s adjacent mansion (that he bought for $421,000 over asking), a third Hidden Hills four-bed, four-bath, four-car, four-horse-stall ranch, and the faraway Calabasas three-bed condo — a “monastery-style flat” that features an oven that costs several thousand dollars (just like the monks had). According to the New York Post, she’s currently trying to sell two of those homes — the Hidden Hills 1950s ranch home and the Kallabasas Kondo — leaving her with two houses. (Feel free to use the above scenario as a word problem for your middle-schooler.)

As for the Calabasas condo, you might be getting kéjà ku (déjà vu in Kardashian), as Kim unsuccessfully listed it for the same price, $3.5 million, in 2019. If you need to sell two of your four homes outside of Los Angeles, you could reach out to Kardashian Realtor Tomer Fridman at Compass because he will have experience on the matter. If you don’t have four homes in the area, well, get your fucking ass up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.


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Kim Kardashian Is Selling Two of Her Houses