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‘Let’s Play Getting Doored!’

Photo: Playmobil

It’s gifting season, and if you have a child between the ages of 4 and 15 in your life, odds are you’re browsing Lego sets. If you’re in New York, what could be more perfect than something from the brand’s “City” series? Subway cars! A fire station! A dirt bike for Eric Adams to crush! And, as we discovered this week, an ambulance set complete with a cyclist heading to the emergency room!

Photo: Lego

The set contains an ambulance, two EMS workers, a traffic light (that we assume a car sped through), and a poor little cyclist dressed in plaid on a bright-green bike. The cyclist, who presumably has just been run over by a car, is smiling. Playmobil, Lego’s German sworn enemy, also features a cyclist victim in its “City Action” ambulance set. That cyclist is also smiling. The assumption, I guess, is that one of the main functions of ambulances in a metropolitan area is to pick up cyclists who have been run over by drivers. True but harrowing!

That said, there’s one detail that doesn’t feel wholly accurate. When I got doored a few years back, the driver offered to call me an ambulance, but I refused, because who can afford it? If only it cost $79.99 (with free shipping).

‘Let’s Play Getting Doored!’