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Fugitive Cow Located at Long Island Golf Course

A cow that is not Vienna but still a sweetie. Photo: Dag Sundberg/Getty Images

A Long Island cow who had managed to evade capture for four months has finally been corralled. Vienna, a 750-pound sweetie, escaped from a farm in Manorville back in August and functionally disappeared. “We have no idea where she is,” the son of the cow’s owner told Patch at the time. “I hope we find her.” She was, it turns out, hanging out on a golf course, which seems very Long Island of her.

As Patch reported, the effort took months of coordination by three different animal-rescue groups. Frankie Floridia from the Strong Island Animal Rescue League said that they set up a feeding station and cameras on the golf course, checking the video and leaving food every day for Vienna. “We waited in our cars,” he told Patch. “We sat out there for many nights with no heat in the car, not speaking. We just waited for her.” Beautiful.

In the highly suspenseful video of her capture, you can see as Vienna slowly enters the corral and wanders in as the doors suddenly swing shut. “The final night, with everyone’s hearts and heads in the same place, the stars aligned, and her capture went flawlessly,” a post on the rescue organization’s Facebook reads. The farm claimed that Vienna had not been intended for slaughter, but surrendered her anyway to the Skylands Animal Sanctuary where she will live out her years in peace, free from both farm life and country-club types.

Fugitive Cow Located at Long Island Golf Course