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Julia Fox Gave a ‘Maximum Transparency’ Tour of Her Apartment

Photo: Gotham/FilmMagic

Julia Fox gave a “maximum transparency” tour of her apartment on TikTok on Wednesday. and what did we learn? First, she lives in a two-bedroom in Manhattan that is technically a one-bedroom with another bed in the living room. She has a long hallway where “nothing happens.” She keeps shoeboxes in her kitchen, which she claims is “very common for New Yorkers.” Her son sleeps in her bed and she does not care what you think about that.

Everyone responding to the video claims that Fox is relatable (“I feel so seen,” one commenter wrote). But she also reveals that she has a mouse problem and is okay with it. (“I kind of let them rock.”) That is not relatable (to me).

Julia Fox Gave a ‘Maximum Transparency’ Tour of Apartment