the eavesdropper

Listening In on Line at Glossier

Photo-Illustration: Curbed; Photo: Richard Levine/Alamy Stock Photo

Living in New York means constantly, discreetly listening in — to breakups at bars, friend fights on the subway, and gossip about complete strangers or, from time to time, people you do in fact know. But what happens when you situate yourself in an ultraspecific spot around the city over an extended period of time and listen intently? You learn a surprising amount about the state of things. Here, we stood in line on opening day at Glossier’s new flagship. Customers were coming in and out with pink bagfuls of products — and enjoying the free photo booth.

Their stuff isn’t that expensive compared to other stuff.
It’s really not. 
That’s part of their magic.

Are you free tonight? We’re watching Ratatouille! You’ve never seen it? It’s gonna be hard to be with people who have never seen it before because we’re gonna sing along with it.
That’s the thing about my boyfriend. He loves Ratatouille
That’s so sweet.

I need to start applying for internships. I just don’t wanna write a cover letter.
It’s so stupid. 

Last night was the first night I did laundry in like two weeks, and since I did my sheets I kind of wanted to stay in. What are you up to this weekend?
Tomorrow my roommate’s parents are in town. And then Sunday is my friend’s birthday so we’re throwing her, like, a pajama thing. 

This lighting is everything.
We look good! We look good!

I look disgusting.
We all do. 

It’s just a regular camera.
How hip of you. 

I have a real camera. I really like it.
You have to charge the battery, though, right? 
Yeah, I’m trying to get in the habit.

Yay, I love it here!
It’s our turn. 
Get in! 3 … 2 … 1.
Everybody cross their legs! Yeah, same side. 3 … 2 … 1 …
Send to me! Send, send, send, post, post, post!
This is so fun.
Ugh, my face.

I have no battery, it’s the worst thing.
It is the worst thing. 

I used to take Ritalin, but my doctor told me there’s psychosis with long-term use. I didn’t believe her until I met people in their 40s with psychosis. But I did see some advantage to that.
I don’t see an advantage to psychosis.
It opens up creative channels.

I have an idea. Kneel down.

Oh, that’s so cute. Now lean in, guys. One TikTok. Silly face?
Wait, can I get a silly face?
That’s so cute, send that to me! 
I’ll send all of them.
Guys, we should go? 
Wait, am I in it?
Am I in it? 

Guys, I’m taking a picture.
What are you captioning it?
Oh, wait —
You can change the font. 
Wait, do you not know how Snap works? Make it a similar font, and make it black.

Your total is $184.

My dad is so annoying. He was like, “You need to do this,” and I was like, “Okay, but I’m not home,” and so I went all the way back but it took an hour and then he was like, “That took so long.”
Wait, who has my paper thing? 
I do.
It’s so cute! 
It’s really cute.

This is so cool.
That’s so cute. 
It’s so good.

Oh, it’s so cute.
Oh, it’s so good.
Oh, it’s so cute.

Listening In on Line at Glossier