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The New Taxi Commissioner Is Doing an Undercover Boss Thing

Photo: Tetra Images - fotog/Getty Images

The new taxi boss wants you to know he’s not like other taxi bosses. As The City reports, David Do, the new head of the Taxi and Limousine Commission, is getting behind the wheel. “I hear stories all the time from drivers, that the regulator can never experience what they are going through,” Do told The City. “Even for a moment in time, I want to experience that.”

So Do went through all of the steps — including a 24-hour drivers-ed course, a defensive-driving course, a drug test, and the TLC license exam — required to become a taxi driver in the city. Now he plans to take at least 100 trips every year and interview drivers at taxi stands (identifying himself as the commissioner in the process) to hear about their experiences. The idea has a bit of stunty, over-the-top Adams flavor, but drivers told The City that they were glad Do would see first-hand the difficulties of the job.

Do will not collect fares or tips while he drives, which means if you find yourself in his cab, the ride is free. Maybe it’s finally a good time for that trip to Costco you’ve been meaning to take.

New Taxi Commissioner Is Doing an Undercover-Boss Thing