The Mushroom-Zombie Mall From The Last of Us Is Getting Redeveloped

Photo: HBO Max

The abandoned mushroom-zombie mall from The Last of Us is getting revived. Calgary’s Northland Village Mall, one of the shooting locations for episode seven of the HBO series, has been partially closed since 2021 as part of a larger redevelopment plan (not because of a fungus-based infection that brought down society).

Renderings shared by design firm Dialog show an open-air shopping center and apartments, which means you can shop at Walmart and live where Ellie and Riley rode a carousel to a rather ethereal cover of “Just Like Heaven.” (Nothing else happens in the episode, don’t worry.) There was once talk of a Whole Foods serving as an anchor tenant, but apparently those negotiations fell apart, and Walmart, Best Buy, and the Canadian department store Winners are the main retail attractions. Also mentioned in Dialog’s plans is a possible rapid-light-rail stop. Maybe the end of the world isn’t so bad!

Photo: Northland Redevelopment
Photo: Northland Redevelopment
The Zombie Mall From The Last of Us Is Getting Redeveloped