Brooklyn’s First Supertall Gets a Very Breezy Basketball Court

Photo: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Brooklyn’s first luxury supertall will have a luxury amenity for the supertall. JDS Development group, the firm behind the Brooklyn Tower, which rises 93-stories above Dekalb Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn, now says the building will include a haute basketball court on its 66th floor. They’re the “highest facilities of their kind in the Western Hemisphere,” per the developer. The court, like the building, was designed by SHoP Architects. (SHoP also worked on Barclays and told CNN that the Brooklyn Tower courts will have a similar “vibe.”)

Some unhappy neighbors have likened the imposing black supertall to the Eye of Sauron, but Barad-dûr didn’t have a wind floor! The new luxe court is on an open-air floor meant to help reduce swaying that would otherwise have been left empty. At 629 feet up, the court might be a little chilly. But SHoP’s founding principal told CNN that “hardy New Yorkers” would be able to enjoy the courts “most of the time.” Hopefully they have hardy children as well, for the attached play space — also “the highest playground in the world.” Another record!

Brooklyn’s First Supertall Gets a Breezy Basketball Court