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Who Knew So Many Celebrities Wanted to Design Wallpaper

Photo: Craig Blankenhorn

The Daily Mail noticed last week that some fans were upset to learn that the wallpaper in Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment in And Just Like That … — a pattern of gigantic blue and teal carnations — was actually designed by Sarah Jessica Parker. “They showed that damn wallpaper every chance they got,” one complained on Reddit. “I’m not really sure why this bothers me,” another wrote. “Maybe because she already gets paid one million per episode, it feels a bit greedy?” This is how I learned that Parker designs wallpaper. This discovery led to yet another discovery: Other celebrities also design wallpaper.

Parker’s collaboration with Eric Hughes, her interior designer and the co-creative director of the wallpaper brand Wallshoppe, launched last spring, with Parker telling Elle Decor that putting very big flowers on wallpaper “felt like it was breaking rules. We hadn’t seen flowers that big, and we hadn’t seen colors used that way.” This big-flower decision also felt “very Carrie,” she added. (The featured wallpaper is also very Carrie in the fact that it costs $275 per 60 square feet. If it covered the walls of her new four-bedroom apartment in Gramercy Park, which she will no longer be sharing with Aidan and his terrible sons, it would probably run her millions of dollars, according to my calculations.)

Drew Barrymore’s Flower Home line at Walmart also includes peel-and-stick wallpapers with birds and, yes, floral patterns. “My décor style has always been very eclectic,” she said of her wallpaper. “I love to make a room feel personal and curated by constantly mixing things up.” (One of those ways is by buying her wallpaper for $69 per 28 square feet.) If you think this kind of thing is just easy money for collaboration-hungry celebrities willing to put their name on anything, think again. There is a certain pressure when you are a celebrity who is also making a wallpaper — as a dissatisfied customer who reviewed the wallpaper wrote, “I expected more since it was Drew!”

Gwyneth Paltrow, of course, has a Goop-designed wallpaper collaboration with Tempaper that also features flowers and birds. “It has been an incredible experience to join forces with a dynamic and iconic lifestyle brand like Goop,” Tempaper’s creative director is quoted saying on the Tempaper site. (Paltrow is not quoted on her opinions of joining a dynamic and iconic brand like Tempaper.) Bobby Berk also has a Tempaper collaboration that diverges from florals — with wallpapers that feature eyes and geometric prints. “Everything to Know About ‘Queer Eye’ Bobby Berk’s Removable Wallpaper Collection,” an article on Brit + Co. promises to detail, then goes on to say, “They make a major impact.” (Even Barbie, the famous celebrity from Barbie, has a wallpaper collaboration.)

Was Parker’s decision to use her own wallpaper in Carrie’s apartment “greedy,” as one person on Reddit believes? Only God can know for sure. But these other celebrities, though, might learn something from her example: The decision may backfire! As one fan wrote of Parker’s wallpaper: “It def made me think about incorporating wallpaper — but not that pattern.”

Who Knew So Many Celebrities Wanted to Design Wallpaper