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Ken Griffin Is Building the Most Expensive House in the World

Photo: Google Maps

Ken Griffin has spent the last decade systematically buying up acreage on “Billionaire’s Row” in Palm Beach, an ultra-wealthy enclave on South Ocean Boulevard. (Mar-a-Lago is just a few doors down.) Why? To build the world’s most expensive home, of course. (The most expensive home that will probably also be swallowed by the sea.)

The billionaire Citadel CEO’s new “house,” which, per the New York Post, is intended as an estate for his mom, was approved by the Architectural Board in 2022. It will occupy 50,000 square feet, centering around an enormous pool. (An additional guest house will include its own, smaller pool.) Renderings show a long and tan house that looks a little like a nicely renovated motel. The oceanfront mansion will be built on eight acres on the north side of his property, leaving enough acreage for Griffin to expand — which he plans to take advantage of for his future retirement home. (Griffin recently submitted another application for a property on the southern end of his land.)

All of this has taken time and lots (and lots) of money. One of his purchases in 2019, a mansion situated on a 4.5-acre ocean-to-lake site for $104.99 million, set a Palm Beach record at the time. Griffin razed the mansions that already existed on his land to make way for his own, better mansion. According to the Post, Griffin has agreed to consolidate all of these parcels on Blossom Way and Ocean Boulevard to make one estate to rule them all.

Despite the apocalyptic climate predictions for the area, new real-estate construction has been rocketing in Palm Beach. The town is busy investing all of the property-tax money it’s raising from those billionaires to try to make the area more climate resilient, with officials claiming that they’re staying ahead of the rising seas. But as one landscape-architecture professor warned: “This real-estate boom is the last hurrah. These guys are smart. They know the end is near and they are going to squeeze every last dollar out of that place before the rest of us are left to manage its decline.” Good luck to Ken!

Ken Griffin Is Building World’s Most Expensive House