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An Updated Colonial Near Hudson and a Moody $399,000 Cottage in Phoenicia

Photo-Illustration: Curbed; Photo: Gabriel Zimmer/Catskill Image/kyoshino

Part of living in New York City is thinking about moving out of New York City. Each month, we’ll round up the best listings within commuting-ish distance, places where entire houses go for the cost of a “junior one-bedroom” (or less) but you’ll have to fix your own toilet.

In this installment, we have a thoughtful renovation near Hudson with wide plank floors and easy access to Kitty’s. Elsewhere: Your own footbridge.

Phoenicia, NY

$399,000: 1-bedroom, 1.5-bath

The listing photos show the cottage perched above the Esopus Creek. Photo: Coldwell Banker
The sun-drenched living area, in a listing photo featuring big windows. Photo: Coldwell Banker

A perfect house for a witch, the kind who loves English gardens and Liebherr refrigerators. A cottage outside Phoenicia, fully renovated in 2017 and upgraded again in 2022. (A smaller cabin down the road is listed for twice the price.) Sunroom is the obvious star.

How do I get back to the city? It’s about a two-hour drive to midtown if traffic is light. About an hour drive to the Poughkeepsie Metro-North station, and about two hours from there.

So what do I do if I live there? Go on some nice hikes in the Catskills.

Obernburg, NY

$595,000: 3-bedroom, 2-bath

A farmhouse less than a three hour drive outside the city. Photo: Phil Mansfield
Photo: Phil Mansfield

The kitchen renovation is a little all-white snoozy, but the fireplace in the living room is ooh. A beautiful covered porch and some lush greenery in all directions to round out the experience. There’s an old barn on the property, too — maybe a future ADU for someone with a little time and elbow grease.

How do I get back to the city? 

No easy trains, but it’s just under a three-hour drive.

So what do I do if I live there? 

Go fly-fishing or learn about fly-fishing at the fly-fishing museum.

Hyde Park, NY

$649,000: 2-bedroom, 2-bath

A listing photo showing the home and its wraparound porch. Photo: Four Seasons Sotheby’s
The wood stove highlighted in this listing photo is just one of the fun architectural details featured throughout the house. Photo: Four Seasons Sotheby’s

Mid-century house with fun architectural details including a wraparound porch that connects to the garage via a gangplank-looking bridge. Stone floors and one of those wood stoves that looks like a spaceship. Cheaper than the $25 million house that is languishing on the market less than ten minutes away. Listing boasts “no visible neighbors,” but you tell us if that’s a good thing or not.

How do I get back to the city? Just a 15-minute drive to the Poughkeepsie Metro-North station, and then a two-hour train back from there.

So what do I do if I live there? You’re a 20-minute walk from the most important place in town: Eveready Diner.

Hudson, NY

$695,000: 4-bedroom, 2-bath

A farmhouse near Hudson. Photo: Gabriel Zimmer/Catskill Image
A very sunny living room. Photo: Gabriel Zimmer/Catskill Image

We’ve got a gray-blue farmhouse, baby! Expertly staged with that kind of pattern-y minimalism that is probably making you sweat as you read this. Claw-foot tub, a studio to paint in. (You’re a painter now.) A similarly sized four-bedroom in town will cost you $150,000 more.

How do I get back to the city? It’s just 15 minutes outside of Hudson and its very charming Amtrak station.

So what do I do if I live there? Go play golf at the golf club next door. Become a regular at Kitty’s, which is right by the Amtrak station.

A Moody Cottage in Phoenicia and a Colonial Near Hudson