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Alec Baldwin Clearly Doesn’t Want to Sell His Hamptons Home

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Baby Buggy

Alec Baldwin has been trying to sell his longtime Amagansett home for over a year, and now, to finally get it off his hands, he made a video about it, in which he is mostly sad. “When I was younger, we’d come out here and sleep all morning and lay on the beach all day,” Baldwin says while strolling slowly down the beach. He then walks down the blocks of all the other places he has lived in the Hamptons (never showing us the houses) before the video swoops to him standing in front of the actual house he’s selling, which he never enters or shows us. “I love coming here,” Baldwin says quietly as he stands in a barren field. “I’m always happiest when I come here.”

The seven-bedroom 10,000-square-foot estate on 335 Town Lane, which has been expanded twice and comes with a pool and movie theater, was relisted this week for $19 million — a $10 million price cut. Baldwin bought the house almost 30 years ago for $1.75 million and lived there with his first wife, Kim Basinger, then with Hilaria and the seven children they have together. He listed it for $29 million in 2022, a year after the fatal Rust-set shooting. For decades before this, he was a resident Hamptons celebrity and even married Basinger on the beach there (“In East Hampton, I’m a nudist and I eat meat,” Baldwin said in a 2008 New Yorker profile about his life on Long Island.)

Now, though, Baldwin is in a much different place — living in a Vermont farmhouse, dealing with his legal battles and fewer job offers from Hollywood, and trying to uphold a lifestyle that means sending seven kids to private school. (As one person told New York Magazine, the Baldwins’ life involves “a lot of overhead.”) Plenty of celebrity houses sit on the market for years, and a few stars even try to pitch them on Instagram. But Baldwin’s video is in a class of its own, a depressing ode to the Hamptons of his youth and pre-Rust glory years. He clearly needs to sell the house, but it seems like the last thing he wants to do.

Alec Baldwin Clearly Doesn’t Want to Sell His Hamptons Home