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The Lidls Are Coming

Photo: Richard Levine/Alamy Stock Photo

Lidl, the German discount grocery store, is taking over New York City. It was recently revealed that a new 30,000-square-foot Lidl will be opening in Downtown Brooklyn in 2025. This follows Lidl snagging the two biggest Brooklyn retail leases signed in 2022, for stores that will open in Crown Heights and Park Slope. More Lidls are being planned for Chelsea, Glen Oaks, Fresh Meadows, and the Bronx, where it will open in the Terminal Market shopping center. Just last week Lidl opened a new location in Elmhurst, which joins the Lidls that are already open in Harlem, Astoria, and Staten Island. As the supermarket reporters at Supermarket News put it: “New York has been a breeding ground for Lidl stores as of late.”

What is Lidl? Like any grocery store, Lidl has its dedicated fans, mainly for its low prices and on-site bakery. According to Lidl, it’s a place where “you really can have your cake and eat it too.” If you want to get in a fight online, you might say that Lidl is similar to Aldi, another Germany-based grocery store. At least one can hope that a dozen eggs won’t set you back $8.

But even the Lidl lovers seem to have been disappointed by the New York City stores. “I was excited about the Lidl in Harlem, but it’s complete trash,” one reviewer wrote on Reddit. “They didn’t have broccoli for the first few weeks, it was weird,” another more constructive critic said. One person wrote an entire post headlined “Breaking Up With Lidl,” a move they were finally forced to take after they found that the Astoria location didn’t stock soy sauce. Will you like Lidl? The only way to know for sure is to go yourself — something that will be extremely easy, given that a Lidl is almost certainly opening up in your neighborhood soon.

The Lidls Are Coming