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reasons to love new york

39 Reasons to Love New York Right Now

Every time it’s been confronted, New York has returned, more impossibly and unpredictably itself than ever, because we wanted it to.
our mayor

Eric Adams Has Rats

According to an unpaid summons for his Bed-Stuy townhouse.
reasons to love new york

Eric Adams Is Certainly Enjoying Himself

Performance is an inherent part of politics. But perhaps no prior mayor has ever leaned so far into spectacle.

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look book Did you come by yourself? I was supposed to go with a group that ended up canceling. I said, “You know what? I’m just going to go,” and drove right to Central Park in this crazy outfit. Do I sound like a loser? Or do I sound gutsy, like a New York woman who would go by herself anywhere?  The Look Book Goes to a Roller Disco

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