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Marines 3D printed an entire concrete barrack in less than two days

The U.S. Marine Corps recently finished its first 3D-printed barracks, and it’s a sign of what’s to come for rapid-built housing.

Tiny house tries indoor-outdoor living with sliding roof

This tiny home has not one but two lofts, and one of them opens directly to the great outdoors.

Pop-up design library opens in Union Market

Called "Resource," the space will remain open through Nov. 18

Striking prefab restaurant built entirely from bamboo

This restaurant in Dong Hoi, Vietnam, features a soaring vaulted ceiling reminiscent of an ornate cathedral.

Kengo Kuma’s stunning V&A Dundee opens to the public this weekend

The building seems to rise out of the water like a ship (or spaceship), though its textured exterior is meant to evoke Scotland’s rugged coastline.

Pale cedar cabin is proof not all facades must be charred

We love a charred timber facade as much as the next person, but let’s just take minute to admire its polar opposite: a beautifully pristine lake house built from pale cedar.

Modern Japanese house tucks in three leafy courtyards

The compact house dedicates a significant portion of the site to indoor courtyards that make the home feel like it’s part of a mini arboretum.

New Orleans’ 5 most underrated sites, according to two architecture professors

They literally wrote the book about it

Drones built a canopy that can follow the sun

Using drones, the researchers were able to build and manipulate the shape of a canopy in real time, turning it into a morphing shade that reacts to the world around it.

All-white concrete house is beautifully high-maintenance

Designed by Spanish architect Ramón Esteve, the Oslo House is a serene coastal abode that’s definitely a "shoes off" kind of house.

Modern Mount Airy stunner asks $895K

It’s a four-bed place with a number of environmentally friendly touches.

Modern home revolves around massive sculptural staircase

At the core of the modern, white-washed home is a zigzagging three-story staircase that took eight months to complete.

These tiny prefab cabins are the definition of sleek Scandinavian style

The cabins, which range from a 161-square-foot studio to a 430-square-foot, two-bedroom house, can be tweaked to include specific features like a sauna or bespoke furniture.

D.C. forces work to halt on historic Franklin School redevelopment after alleged damage

Officials and preservationists visited the site last week to assess the situation

Japanese architect redefines ‘open plan’ with daring narrow house

Instead of expanding outwards, Japanese architect Katsutoshi Sasaki designed his personal residence in to stretch upwards.

Burning Man 2018: Scenes of pop-up art and architecture

As the annual bacchanalia in the Nevada desert gets underway, Burning Man 2018 has already proven to be a bold and beautiful sight.

Historic Franklin School redevelopment

Historic Franklin School redevelopment draws scrutiny from D.C. officials, preservationists

Workers reportedly damaged the interior of the building, which is set to become a museum

Modern home’s facade is built from a beautiful trio of materials

Brazilian architecture firm UABI designed this boxy house in Londrina, Brazil, with a facade that ties three materials together into a beautiful and unexpected package.

Giant orb by Bjarke Ingels and Jakob Lange makes Burning Man debut

The architects intended the giant sphere to act as a guiding landmark for festival-goers, with lights underneath the structure casting a luminous glow to transform it into an oversized disco ball.

Civic group to launch first-ever LeDroit Park house tour this fall

The tour will highlight historic places and architecture in the Northwest neighborhood

Airy Australian house is indoor-outdoor living at its best

The Coogee House II has a restrained color palette but feels complex and layered thanks to the range of materials used.

Modern prefab house was constructed in a month

The 2,200-square-foot house, designed as a beacon of environmental friendliness, was built entirely from recyclable materials.

This modern house shape shifts in Oregon’s high desert

It’s amazing what a sliding panel can achieve

11 design Instagram accounts to follow right now

You can never follow enough cool accounts on Instagram, especially those unexpected gems that show you the designed world in fresh ways.

Iconic modern houses get the Thomas Kinkade treatment

You can thank the Twitter account @robyniko for what is sure to be your new computer wallpaper.

Fortress-like house is a study in color and texture

Planes of shapes, colors, and materials overlap to stunning effect.

19 mayors pledge to make all new buildings net-zero by 2030

By 2050, all buildings, old or new, will be required to generate more power than they use.

This modern backyard reading retreat is a dream

Think of it like a reading nook, only in the yard, bigger, and with plumbing.

11 fantastic buildings by Frank Furness in Philly

Much of the architect’s work met the wrecking ball in the 20th century. But a great deal of Frank Furness’s buildings remain standing in Philly. Here are 10 works that best show off that iconic Furness flair.

UC Berkeley suspends professor for sexual harassment, citing ‘voluminous evidence’

The tenured architecture professor has been the focus of a two-year-long investigation

Indoor-outdoor modern house is immersed in greenery

Plenty of houses embrace the concept of indoor-outdoor living (even tiny homes), but this house in Kerala, India, is one of the best examples we’ve seen yet.

Oregon just became the first U.S. state to legalize mass timber high rises

Oregon recently approved an addendum to its building code that allows timber structures to be built over six stories without having to acquire special permission.

Architect Costas Kondylis dies at 78

The prolific New York architect helped dramatically reshape the city’s skyline

AIA outlines its approach to shaping safe school design

The organization is launching a series of initiatives to address safe school design.

The architectural legacy of civil rights leader Whitney Young

A new exhibit at the Octagon House highlights his lasting contributions

Famed Hines House in Sea Ranch drops price

Winner of the Sunset/AIA Home of the Year Award in 1970.

Quirky tiny ‘hobbit house’ can be rented for your next retreat

At 170 square feet, it’s compact, but there’s still room for a full bathroom, loft bed, serviceable kitchen, and a seating area.

Dubai’s first skyscraper will be included in new preservation initiative

The program will focus on buildings from the ’60s and ’70s, when Dubai entered a period of stunning growth.