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These Japanese homes were designed to encourage neighbor interaction

All of the units have a living room with glass doors that slide open onto a wooden deck facing a communal courtyard.

You can rent these modern geodesic domes nestled in a forest

Each of the domes sits on a wooden terrace equipped with a hot tub and a shed full of wood pre-chopped (obviously) for the indoor fireplace.

8 Pacific Northwest works by Robert Reamer

From forest lodges to Art Deco towers

Want a piece of the Eiffel Tower? That’ll cost you $45K

On November 27, Paris auction house Artcurial is selling a 24-step chunk of the tower’s original staircase.

An illustrated guide to San Francisco architecture

Enjoy the city’s stylistic diversity, from Queen Anne to contemporary buildings

This guest house’s walls tilt to maximize space

The Hive has an unusual "beehive-inspired" shape that bows outward from its foundation.

New prefab housing from Bjarke Ingels aims to blend in with the landscape

BIG stacked 196 apartments (called "pixels") on top of each other in a terrace layout, leaving room for outdoor green roofs.

400-year-old skinny house renovated into ‘one-room hotel’

The three-story building measures just eight feet wide, but those eight feet pack a stylish punch.

Striking apartment building is made up of 140 shipping containers

The architects split the complex into two sections—one blue, one green—that slant outward to create a triangular courtyard between them.

Chic black chalet does cabin in the woods right

The prefab cabin is nestled into the woods and takes full advantage of its picturesque surroundings with large windows and a generous deck.

Philly’s most iconic buildings, mapped

From the Philadelphia Museum of Art to Independence Hall, these buildings are the heart and soul of this city.

Blocky concrete home hides an airy second level

Here at Curbed, we appreciate a well-designed concrete home, and this Tel Aviv house is no exception.

10 A-frames you can rent right now

From coast to coast, property owners are renovating and building A-frames in order to rent them to architecture-loving vacationers.

Sliding walls open this modern house to the outdoors

What the simply shaped home lacks in geometric grandeur it makes up for in indoor-outdoor magic.

Arbiter of taste, enfant terrible: The best and worst of Philip Johnson

The prolific 20th-century American architect’s work, ranked by the author of Johnson’s mega-biography.

Feast your eyes on Gaudí’s whimsical stunner, El Capricho

Photographer David Cardelús takes us on a detail-filled tour of El Capricho, from the carved marble pillars to the glass-walled greenhouse in the rear of the house.

Clever two-story tiny house has an extendable roof

The 300-square-foot timber abode on wheels has a roof that expands from a road-legal 12.5 feet to a luxurious 17.5 feet when raised.

Lost Frank Lloyd Wright buildings reimagined in new renderings

Spanish architect David Romero envisions never-built Wright designs, including one that looks strikingly similar to the Guggenheim.

Modern home stands out with gradient facade

A couple hired Dutch firm Reset Architecture to design them a home that was simple enough that they could handle the majority of the construction on their own.

Frank Weise-designed Fairmount home offers modern touches for $760K

Weise was a prolific modern Philly architect

Yves Béhar debuts a line of prefab homes

The line of customizable homes is designed to alleviate urban housing shortages and take advantage of California’s encouragement of accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

A museum grows in Houston

When Renzo Piano’s Menil Collection building opened in 1987 critics called it "just perfect." Johnston Marklee’s Drawing Institute improves on perfection.

Airy shipping container house is rich in glass and greenery

Each of the containers sits on its own level, creating a series of plant-strewn terraces and stairs that lead from one volume to the next

Philly’s spookiest Victorian-era buildings

Come check out Philly’s goth side

A former California farmhouse redesigned to host the whole family

Many of the design decisions stemmed from the owners’ desire to comfortably host their children and grandchildren.

Peter Zumthor’s new concrete villa available to rent soon

The Secular Retreat is a sturdy slab of a building constructed from stratified blocks of concrete, glimmering glass windows, and limestone floors.

10 Philly landmarks designed by Paul Philippe Cret

From Rittenhouse Square to the Rodin Museum, many Philly landmarks are tied to the French architect

Johnston Marklee takes on Philadelphia Contemporary’s first space

The space will push the boundaries of a conventional museum

Bright red house is a visual landmark among endless trees

Fire engine red with sharp angles, the Rebelo de Andrade-designed house is an unmistakable visual marker amid a verdant 1,000-acre plot in Portugal.

An adaptive reuse project wraps up at UPenn

The Perelman Center’s contemporary addition is meant to complement its art deco neighbor

You can now tour Le Corbusier’s Paris apartment and studio

After two years of renovation, the Paris apartment where Le Corbusier lived and worked from 1934 to 1965 is now ready for the public to visit.

Mapping the development boom along the Schuylkill River

There have been a lot of changes in the past few years

Tiny cabin offers glamping retreat for two

The cabin boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and a little terrace that overlooks the green hills.

Tiny treehouse is completely transparent

Built from thick panes of glazing, the 75-square-foot structure is a literal glass house—gabled roof and all.

Was Sears’s bankruptcy predicted by its architecture?

Art Deco grande dames, sleek midcentury modernism, aspirational skyscrapers, and bland box stores are all in the beleaguered retailer’s repertoire.

This school is a kaleidoscope of color

The angular white building is peppered with bursts of colors, including a facade built from 627 multi-hued tiles.

Long-awaited Old City project, The National, starts leasing

A peek inside the apartment building

Renovated home comes with its own floating greenhouse

This compact house in Belgium suffered from the woes of not enough space and not enough light—then it got a major makeover.

Tropical modern house has a courtyard filled with palm trees

The design merges the interior with the exterior through oversized doors that slide open to the courtyard and open-air corridors that connect different wings of the house.