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This Week’s Worth-It New York City Apartment Listings

366 Broadway Photo-Illustration: Curbed; Photo: Compass

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Listen, it’s not like getting an apartment in New York has ever been easy. But one could probably argue that it has never been harder than it is right now. The most god-awful studios are regularly renting for thousands and thousands of dollars with lines of interested tenants out the door. (Meanwhile, the average price of a one-bedroom has shot up to $5,100.) Here, we’ll find the actually worth-looking-ats, actually worth-the-costs, and the surprisingly affordable-for-those-parquet-floors from all around the internet. 

This week, I ventured to Queens! I became very bored digging through all the high-rises and amenities buildings, but I persisted and managed to find some nice lofts in Hunter’s Point, a two-bedroom triplex in Ditmars-Steinway, and many special places in Forest Hills. Also, a brief stint through Lower Manhattan left me feeling deflated — a lot of unexceptional inventory and too many overpriced closet-size studios masquerading as one-bedrooms.

Hunter’s Point Apartment Listings

$4,150, 1-bedroom: The building itself is pretty stunning. Beautiful lofts with giant casement windows in a building that was formerly an electric factory.

$6,300, 2-bedroom: The pool is one of the best I’ve seen in one of these skyscrapers.

$4,800, 2-bedroom: I see potential here. And river views!

4-74 48th Ave. Photo: Compass

Ditmars-Steinway Apartment Listings

$6,500, 2-bedroom: Feels wrong to call this a two-bedroom when it’s clearly an entire house. It’s a two-bedroom triplex, for God’s sake.

$3,400, 2-bedroom: Charming, good price.

$3,000, 2-bedroom: Cheap(er) and a little less charming. But great outdoor situation.

Jackson Heights Apartment Listings

$3,700, 3-bedroom: Whole damn house alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

$3,295, 2-bedroom: Totally fine apartment in a very special pre-war complex that’s giving Secret Garden.

Long Island City Apartment Listings

$5,000, 1-bedroom:  It’s one bedroom … so far. Clearly there’s a lot of work to be done. But I see potential here.

$4,899, 1-bedroom: I dunno, you guys; I just don’t totally get it. But, like, it’s nice!

West Village Apartment Listings

$4,750, studio:  They really pulled me in with this first photo — arched passageway with warm yellow light, exposed beams on the ceiling. And then BOOM: In the second photo we’re seeing vinyl flooring.

$6,300, 2-bedroom: I wouldn’t pay $6,300 for it, but it’s got charm. Beautiful building nestled in the trees.

78 Bedford St. Photo: Jennifer Brandt

$3,795, 1-bedroom: Teensy-tiny cutie.

$5,250, 1-bedroom: Totally tiny and overpriced, but it’s sweet.

$3,250, 1-bedroom; What?? How?? So cheap! I mean, I know how: the square footage does not lie, but still. Feels like a steal.

$3,800, 1-bedroom: Another tiny apartment that feels (comparatively) cheap.

$4,850, studio: I’m just a huge sucker for casement windows!

Tribeca Apartment Listings

$9,500, 2-bedroom: The wraparound windows here are nice!

$5,000, 1-bedroom: Horrible curtains. Great roof.

$11,000, 1-bedroom: I know I’m gonna get heat for all these one-bedrooms at $10,000+ — but it’s nice!

$9,500, 2-bedroom: I’ll let this one speak for itself.

East Village Apartment Listings

$11,000, 2-bedroom: Nice little glimpse into an old New York apartment … at new New York prices.

218 E. 12th St. Photo: Compass

Some Full Homes for Rent in Forest Hills

Over the weekend, I took a drive through Forest Hills. For those of you who aren’t familiar: It’s a manicured suburban pocket that borders the Long Island Expressway and is dotted with the world’s (or at least the city’s) most picturesque Tudor-style houses. As I drove, I looked up ones I particularly liked and found many are currently available. Many for rent! Many for rent at a fraction of the price of a one-bedroom in the East Village! This one, for instance, is perched on a small hill and has some especially lovely landscaping. It’s $8,500 a month for five rooms, a wood-burning fireplace, and a two-car garage. This one, which is slightly less expensive, has four bedrooms, a wood-burning fireplace, and a one-car garage.

69-56 Exeter St.

This one is incredible — while half of it has been criminally gutted, parts of it remain preserved in time, like its vaulted ceilings, the sunroom, and the rectory in chestnut wood.

160 Greenway North Photo: Daniel Gale Sothebys International Realty

(A few others to consider: this one, which has little to none of its original personality but does have a beautiful exterior, and this one, whose interior we cannot see but whose truly special exterior we can.)

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This Week’s Worth-It New York City Apartment Listings