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We Took New York’s TikTokers to Lunch

The people who tell the world about dating, dining, and celebrity apartments met up at Bad Roman (where else?).

Photo: Frankie Alduino
Photo: Frankie Alduino

On a recent Friday, we cleared the city of its funnest Tiktokers and brought them to Bad Roman. Here’s our guide to these on-the-street interviewers, live-streamers, comedians, fashionistas, subway explorers, and deli reviewers. They’re all charmers.

Photo: Frankie Alduino

1. James Harris, men’s-style bro, one-half of @throwingfitspod

2. and 3. Meg Radice and Audrey Jongens, restaurant-gossip queens, @theviplist

4. Emma Wahl, “What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?” street interviewer, @emmawahlburger

5. Mike Varshavski, extremely hot doctor, @doctormike

6. Ted Zhar, “What do you do for a living?” street interviewer, @tedzhar

7. Simona Ruzer, hilarious and stylish former TikTok employee, @simonacruzer

8. Codey James, thrift-shop tour guide, @codey_james

9. Tiffany Baira, on-the-street matchmaker, @streetheartsnyc

10. Griffin Maxwell Brooks, DJ and fashion plate, @griffinmaxwellbrooks

11. Sabina Meschke, twin comedian, @sabinalily8

12. Annabel Meschke, the other twin comedian, @annabel_meschke

13. Benton McClintock, funny and aggrieved gay tour guide, @bentonmcclintock

14. Kit Keenan, great outfits, pools, and boats, daughter of Cynthia Rowley, @kitkeenan

15. Aimee France, cake queen and probiotic enthusiast, @yungkombucha420

16. Nigel Roxbury, city-history tour guide, Mafia obsessive,

17. Lawrence Schlossman, esteemed menswear loudmouth, one-half of

18. Gideon Issa, street interventionist, @sidequestz

19. Serena Shahidi, advice-giving podcaster on Let Me Ruin Your Life, @glamdemon2004

20. Daniel-Ryan Spaulding, comedian and writer,

21. Audrey Peters, high-end fashion, style, and travel influencer, @audreypeters

22. Jae Gottlieb, bewitching downtown livecaster,

23. Victoria Hiegel, singer, songwriter, and personal assistant, @victoriahiegel

24. Winta Zesu, model, actress, and satirist, @winta_zesu

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25. Nicolas Nuvan, wholesome man-on-the-street interviewer, @nicolasnuvan

26. Fabrizio Villalpando, home cook, @theemoodyfoody

27. Kristina Avakyan, style innovator, @subwaysessions

28. Ashley Hamilton, podcaster, comedian, and one-half of

29. Ashley, fashion influencer, @bestdressed

30. Lukas Battle, direct-to-camera online personality, @lukasbattle

31. Rebeka Getty, bargain-loving tour guide, @nycforfree

32. Jack Coyne, New York City street-show host, @publicopinionnyc

33. Rian Phin, fashion historian and critic, @thatadult

34. Amber Flannery Field, political comedian and tour guide, @americascomic

35. Caleb Simpson, “How much do you pay for rent in New York?” street interviewer, @calebwsimpson

36. Ryan Serhant, high-end real-estate broker, @ryanserhant

37. Pooja Tripathi, makes jokes about New York City, @winnie_thepooj

38. Jaeki Cho, mom-and-pop-restaurant hype man, @righteouseats

39. Alex Fitzgerald, design maven and self-care king, @alexpfitzgerald

40. Mark Little, funny recent Brooklyn transplant, @ohsickmarklittle

41. Jake Cornell, very gay comic, @jakewcornell

42. Anayka She, musician and monologuist, @anaykashe

43. Antoni Bumba, beauty influencer and storyteller, @antonibumba

44. Sabrina Brier, “That friend who is …” performer, @sabrina.cinoman.brier

45. Charles Gross, fashion, beauty, and luxury savant, @charlesgross

46. Shiloh Frederick, New York history buff, @shilohinthecity

47. Kyle Gordon, comedian and DJ Crazy Times, @kylegordonisgreat

48. Kelsey Russell, she’ll read you the newspapers, @kelscruss

49. Brian Lindo, food-and-travel creator, @briancantstopeating

50. Morris Cornbread, wild-subway-passenger interviewer, @subwayoracle

51. Jahad Chris Carter, love-invested street interviewer,

52. Meredith Hayden, former Hamptons private chef and soon-to-be cookbook author, @wishbonekitchen

53. Maya Acra, performer and prankster, @mayaacra

54. Kelsey Kotzur, accessible-fashion enthusiast,

55. Gabriel DeSanti, “How much do you make a year in New York?” street interviewer, @gabriel.desanti

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We Took New York’s TikTokers to Lunch