A House on Oak Island Is for Sale

Oak Island is only accessible by boat, so think of the dock in this listing photo as your driveway. Photo: Listing Pro Realty Services

Now’s your chance to live on Oak Island, a milelong strip of land an hour’s commute to Manhattan. The four-bed, two-bath cottage-style home will run you $500,000 and doesn’t offer much in the way of amenities. The island, situated off the south shore of Long Island and owned by the town of Babylon, has no public electricity, water, trash collection, or emergency services. Travel requires a boat, and homeowners basically do everything themselves — installing solar panels, collecting rainwater to drink, and acting as their own first responders. “If you come over here, you have to be a very hearty soul,” one resident told the New York Times in 2021. (In 1998, the paper advertised Oak Island as the ideal spot “for a man who has been left by his wife” to “get his head together.”)

The floor-to-ceiling wood paneling in this listing photo is perfect for a beach house. Photo: Listing Pro Realty Services
It’s all worth it for the beachfront view in this listing photo. Photo: Listing Pro Realty Services

The house itself is pretty dreamy. There’s a simple, spacious living room with a fireplace, a kitchen with an old stove, and, obviously, plenty of ocean views. It also comes with a private dock and waterfront, along with a small cottage at the rear of the property. It is, however, seasonal — owners tend to depart for the winter.

The listing seems to match the vibe of the island, with a description about as sparse as the land itself: “Off the Grid House Is Located on a Secluded Island With Only Boat Access,” it reads. “No Damages From Hurricane Sandy.”

A House on Oak Island Is for Sale