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Object & Thing Goes to the Beach

A selection of 100 objects by 34 artists will spend the summer at the LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton.

LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton. Photo: Adrian Gaut
LongHouse Reserve in East Hampton. Photo: Adrian Gaut

In 1986, the late textile designer Jack Lenor Larsen built LongHouse on 16 acres in East Hampton. It was designed in collaboration with architect Charles Forberg, inspired by the famed Shinto shrine in Ise, Japan. Larsen created a serene, open environment where he could display his collection of artisanal objects and welcome his large circle of friends. It is the perfect setting for the current summer exhibition of Object & Thing, founded by Abby Bangser, who finds interesting homes in which to curate installations of art and design. This summer’s show, from May 27 to September 3, showcases a selection of 100 objects by 34 artists. It was done in collaboration with Colin King, author of the just-released book Arranging Things; Carrie Rebora Barratt, the director of LongHouse; and Glenn Adamson, LongHouse’s curator-at-large.

Works from “A Summer Arrangement: Object & Thing at LongHouse” photographed in Larsen’s private interior. Left on floor: F. Taylor Colantonio, Omphalos, 2022 (courtesy of Salon 94 Design). On wooden object: Rashid Johnson, Untitled Ceramic, 2021. Photo: Adrian Gaut
Wood-fired ceramics by Frances Palmer in foreground. Photo: Adrian Gaut
On wall: Kiva Motnyk, Light Reflections, 2023. On stand in center: a wood-fired vessel by Frances Palmer. Photo: Adrian Gaut
A ceramic by Adam Silverman (courtesy of Friedman Benda) on the left of the table. Photo: Adrian Gaut
A cabinet of teapots from the collection at LongHouse with a face jug by Jim McDowell at the center. Photo: Adrian Gaut

These photos were arranged exclusively for Curbed, in private quarters of the home. The installation, staged in the home’s guest quarters, is open to the public through September 3.

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Object & Thing Goes to the Beach