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The Look Book Goes to Grand Central Terminal

On a quieter than usual morning, we spoke to commuters, and even a few tourists, who were passing through.

Photo: Rochelle Brock
Photo: Rochelle Brock

Wilson Lisboa (pictured above), student and cruise-ship employee, New Haven, Connecticut.

What are you up to today?
Me and some friends came into the city from New Haven to take pictures. We’re going to the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Grand Central, and Central Park. Friend time. Usually, I’d be on a ship, but most of them are docked right now.

So you work on cruise lines?
Yes, in the gift shops or in the restaurants, usually. For the past few years, I’ve been at sea eight months at a time. Before this, I never thought of cruises as unsafe. I mean, I saw some things. Sometimes a person would pay for the best room, then just jump overboard when we were in the middle of the sea. And sometimes it’s not possible to find them. And it’s pretty normal for really old people to die. Though when I saw it the first time, it was shocking. I do want to go back after the pandemic. I like waking up every day in a new country.

Tahir Kyambadde, student, Union City, New Jersey. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Grace Parker, graphic designer, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Photo: Rochelle Brock

You’re from Tennessee?
Yes, we’re here visiting my husband’s family. It’s very different here, COVID-wise. At home, there are Walmarts you can go into where not one single person is wearing a mask.

Radhika Rajkumar, development manager, Williamsburg. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Sonja John, artist, Bedford-Stuyvesant. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Wandrea Souza, au pair, New Haven, Connecticut. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Marvin Oliver, emergency-center administrator, Albany, Georgia. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Robert Powell, self-employed, Crown Heights. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Gary Lilien, photographer, Larchmont. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Charlotte Nichols, student, Wilton, Connecticut. Photo: Rochelle Brock

Where are you coming from?
Connecticut. My friend and I are going thrifting on the Lower East Side.
We’re obsessed with fashion. I’ve been coming into the city alone since I was 13. That first time was with a friend, too. We went to get bubble tea and buy K-pop posters.

Emily Brennan, video editor, Bedford-Stuyvesant. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Faith Hall, sales manager, Bushwick. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Jonathan Nelson, attorney, Washington Heights. Photo: Rochelle Brock

Nice outfit.
I was raised in the 1950s, and this is how professionals dressed. I’m a lawyer for religious institutions. Through work, I’ve made friends who have political views a world apart from my own. One of my dear friends, who thinks Trump ought to have been reelected, went to D.C. a couple of weeks ago. And I haven’t heard from her since.

Grace Murphy, student, Wilton, Connecticut. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Cynthia Vasquez, nurse, Midtown. Photo: Rochelle Brock

What brings you to Grand Central?
Oh, I’m just going home from work. I’m a nurse. It’s my first job in America. I moved from the Philippines and got my license, and a year later, the pandemic hit. I’ve had the vaccine — Moderna, three weeks ago — but dealing with the stress is hard. I pray silently when my patients die.

Stu Richel, actor, Greenwich Village. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Kevin Ramos Ríos, student, Dorado, Puerto Rico. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Malik McCrimmon, student, Fayetteville, North Carolina. Photo: Rochelle Brock
Kelley Thompson, secretary, Mt. Vernon. Photo: Rochelle Brock

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The Look Book Goes to Grand Central Terminal