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Steve Cohen’s Mega-Mega-Mansion Is Now Visible

Photo: Google Maps

Steve Cohen’s West Village monster mansion, all 30,000 square feet of it, has finally been unveiled. New York YIMBY published photos after the remaining scaffolding and construction fencing came down from the Mets-owner/hedge-fund manager/would-be casino kingpin’s new home at 145 Perry Street, a ground-up construction that’s been in the works since 2017. (Although, Cohen bought the sites five years before that. It’s been a process.) The result? Well, it’s certainly big.

Photo: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The Leroy Street Studio design (with Robert Silman Associates Structural Engineers) was controversial from the start. It’s a landmark district and the mansion’s modern, almost municipal look ruffled some neighbors. “It’s not what we thought was appropriate for the neighborhood,” Andrew Berman, executive director of the Greenwich Village Historical Preservation Commission, told the New York Post a few years back. “It looks very much like a federal building.” Another neighbor said, “It is a bit out of place.”

The terra-cotta and bronze mansion could easily be mistaken for a courthouse, but maybe that’s partially a consequence of its scale. (For comparison, Brooklyn Borough Hall is 55,000 square feet.)

Despite rumors that Cohen was looking to sell his under-construction megamansion, he is apparently planning to take up residence there soon. Earlier this year, a renter in a neighboring building bragged that he’d gotten the billionaire to cover three months of rent in exchange for vacating his apartment while Cohen and his family moved in.

Steve Cohen’s Mega-Mega-Mansion Is Now Visible