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Everywhere Succession Has Been Filming Lately

Photo: Peter Kramer/HBO

While reports of Succession starting filming again at the end of 2020 provided a much-needed piece of good news, season three isn’t expected to air until Q4 at the earliest. And that’s still far too long to go without our favorite terrible rich family.

Happily, though, the cast and crew seem to be working very hard. In the past couple of months, they’ve been spotted filming all over the city. Since there’s nothing to do but wait, we decided to compile as much information as we could about where filming has taken place so far, based on reports from social media, a voracious Succession subreddit, and more. Below, our findings — which revealed, amongst other things, that the Roys will be spending a lot of time in Midtown next season (and none at Dia Chelsea).

The Pierre — East 61st Street between Fifth and Madison

Photo: Ben Hider/Getty Images

A redditor posted a film shoot “No Parking” poster on February 26 and described the location as near the Pierre, “just on the edge of Central Park on the East Side.” On Location Vacations also listed the Pierre-occupied block of East 61st as a Succession filming location for March 1. And coincidentally (or not), there was a Roman sighting on that same block on March 30.

Sheraton New York Times Square — West 53rd Street and Seventh Avenue   

Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images

“No Parking” posters were spotted by the Sheraton in early and mid-March. The redditor tipster described it as a “very large setup” and according to one commenter on that thread: “Apparently they’re shooting some sort of gala/black-tie event (based off of extra casting calls).”

CBS Broadcast Center — West 57th Street and 11th Avenue 

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Two redditors posted sightings here on March 15, both saying that filming was inside the CBS building, which houses TV and radio production facilities. One tipster reported seeing the following names on actor trailers: Kendall, Greg, Naomi (apparently that trailer had “Jess” on it at an earlier time), Ewan, and Graham (Adrien Brody’s character? Alexander Skarsgård’s?). (The tipster also managed to see Cousin Greg in the flesh. “That man is very tall,” they said.)

New York Marriott Marquis — West 46th Street and Broadway 

Photo: George Rose/Getty Images

OLV listed this cross street as a filming location for March 11, though there were also social-media murmurs of scenes being shot here in late February, which happens to be when J. Smith-Cameron (Gerry) posted an Instagram video taken inside the glass elevator in the hotel’s rather dystopian 48-story atrium lobby. There were also some reports of filming happening in March outside the Music Box Theatre, which is just a little bit down the block from the Marriott on West 45th Street.

Cooper Union’s Foundation Building — Cooper Square

Photo: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

This shoot happened on March 12. Deuxmoi shared a screenshot of a text from a tipster, who had a photo of Cousin Greg (holding a manila envelope!) next to the Peter Cooper Monument outside the Foundation Building entrance on East 7th Street. Onlookers captured multiple angles of Greg here, including a video of a scene of him walking with Ewan.

28 Liberty Street 

Photo: Google Maps

This building, which is used as the exterior of the Waystar RoyCo offices, will show up again in the new season. This fact was already teased by Nicholas Braun (Greg)’s March 24 Instagram post of himself (in a suit) outside the building, which also showed a massive screen displaying the Waystar Royco news ticker (which read “Committing a hate crime via emoji” and “TikTok teen”). Here’s a video of the set from the same day (you can Waystar Royco signage on one of the building’s columns). And for some reason, an Instagram-famous French bulldog managed to capture a video of Kendall doing the Kendall walk into the building (with a baseball cap on).

The Plaza Hotel 

Photo: Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

Shiv and Roman were spotted in front of the hotel at the beginning of April. According to OLV, they were shooting interior scenes.

The Shed — Hudson Yards  

Photo: Alex Cimbal/Shutterstock

People spotted the cast shooting here over a week-long stretch in mid-April. The Shed, which just finished up hosting the Frieze, was apparently not the show’s first pick for an art world backdrop. According to artnet, producers originally wanted to film at the newly reopened Dia Chelsea on West 22nd Street, but was denied (allegedly at least in part because Dia board James Murdoch didn’t want anything to do with the show). In any case, Deuxmoi also shared a tip that includes a photo of the craft-service menu on set (on offer: various burgers, pastries, juices, and fruit cups). The same tipster reported seeing trailers for Kendall, Shiv, and Greg (and some new characters’ names that they “didn’t remember”).

Beach Lane in Wainscott, East Hampton 

Photo: Corcoran

An East Hampton Patch article on April 26 announced that the show would be shooting in the area all week. This included scenes at Montauk’s Shadmoor State Park (which is only less than a quarter mile from Montauk Village, and includes a 2,400-foot beach, set beneath high bluffs), and “a short driving scene” on Beach Lane in Wainscott (Beyoncé and Jay-Z, the Baldwins, Ronald Perelmen, and the Spielbergs all have houses in the area; J.Crew chairman Mickey Drexler actually owns on Beach Lane). Artnet intel suggests that the exact house they’re shooting at is 115 Beach Lane, a 11,000-square-foot modern mansion (currently on the market for $50 million) that’s mostly covered in glass and has a 72-foot pool.

Mandarin Oriental — Columbus Circle  

Photo: Jochen Tack/imageBROKER/Shutterstock

Kendall was seen (again with a baseball cap) outside the Mandarin Oriental (a hotel where the Murdochs, incidentally, have attended many a black-tie event) just last week (though there were also “No Parking” posters spotted in the same area in early February). According to a Reddit tipster, there were actor trailers for Kendall, Josh, Logan Stunt Double, and Stunt Drivers for all three, and then later in the day, trailer names were changed to Kendall, Tom, and Greg.

Everywhere ‘Succession’ Has Been Filming Lately