1. the unhoused
    The Homeless Shelter Bearing Alex Trebek’s Name Is Finally OpenThe Jeopardy! host was a generous and outspoken advocate for more housing.
  2. getting around
    This Funny Little Fire Engine Is Pro-PedestrianHow rightsizing emergency fleets is safer in more ways than one.
  3. getting around
    Ann Coulter Discovers the War on CarsHer math checks out.
  4. boring news
    That Light in the Distance May Be an Oncoming TeslaElon Musk’s new Vegas tunnel will, for the time being, alternate one-way traffic in two directions.
  5. the suburbs
    Samuel Alito’s Right to PrivacyThe justice’s wealthy neighborhood, now a site of protests, was built to keep people out.
  6. getting around
    Uber Is Ready to Accept Failure, Sort OfIn a leaked memo, the CEO admits the plan was never going to work.
  7. getting around
    ‘Stay in Jersey’ Has Some MeritA troll campaign makes the accidental case for congestion pricing.
  8. special delivery
    Who Isn’t Suing the USPS Over Its Gas-Guzzler Trucks?Sixteen states, plus three big metro regions, are trying to get the post office to electrify faster.
  9. getting around
    Lattes Are the Fuel of the Turnstile JumperThe MTA chairman sees a pattern, con panna.
  10. boring news
    Elon Musk Pivots to Pedestrian TunnelsHis Boring Company is trying to dig holes all over Texas.
  11. florida
    Disney Is a Kingdom Within a StateUndoing its self-governance will be more complicated than Ron DeSantis thinks.
  12. the rent is too damn high
    LAPD Wants a Rent Subsidy for Cops“What landlord wouldn’t want a cop living in their complex?”
  13. getting around
    A Streets Plan That’s Really a Time MachineNYC’s City Council wants you to get everywhere faster.
  14. getting around
    Turn Gas Subsidies Into Money for EveryonePeople can spend it on gas if they want!
  15. getting around
    The Electrification Revolution Can Start in Smaller CitiesJust look at California’s Antelope Valley.
  16. homelessness
    The Oakland Tiny-Home Fire Raises Bigger Questions About Homeless HousingAdvocates and residents are asking about the safety and long-term feasibility of these unconventional shelters.
  17. college towns
    UCLA’s Guaranteed Student Housing Plan Is Fast, Comprehensive, and Worth CopyingThe city should take note.
  18. getting around
    How to Build a Pedestrian Bridge That Doesn’t Get You AnywhereL.A.’s attempt to make car-free connections falls short. But there’s some good news for horses.
  19. getting around
    What If Joe Biden Paid You to Get Out of Your Car?A vision for a commute that might suck less.
  20. buyers and sellers
    Fashion Nova’s CEO Bought ‘the One’ MegamansionHe’s quite a collector of nearly identical homes.
  21. ukraine invasion
    Star Architects Won’t Work With Putin (for Now)Other autocrats are still fair game.
  22. private jets
    Russian-Oligarch Jet Tracker — Now Featuring Emissions!A Florida teen understands the connection between kleptocracy and climate catastrophe better than most.
  23. new urbanism
    The New Urbanists Make Friends With Tucker CarlsonA warm chat between Andrés Duany and a bigoted nativist.
  24. getting around
    We May Be Entering a Glorious Era of Stroller SpreadingIs this the end of the MTA’s policy requiring caregivers to fold and stash their strollers?
  25. getting around
    Bring on the Concrete Bike LanesThey’re not always pretty, but they work.
  26. getting around
    What Do You Call 1,000 Burning Porsches?A good start.
  27. getting around
    The Very Intentional Way the U.S. Became a Nation of “Accidents”Jessie Singer’s book argues, persuasively, that we’re doing this to ourselves.
  28. college towns
    Berkeley Alum Says No More Students in My Berkeley BackyardAfter losing a lawsuit, the school has to cut the enrollment of its incoming class by one-third.
  29. eyes on the street
    Jane Jacobs Rented a Desk Here for $8 a Week. Now It’s Asking $8.9 Million.The West Village townhouse where Jacobs wrote The Death and Life of American Cities is for sale for the first time in 60 years.
  30. not grate
    Bel Air Down There: L.A.’s Wealthiest Try, Once Again, to Fight a Subway TunnelThe Bel-Air Association hyperventilates over ventilation.
  31. no drilling where we’re living
    L.A. Just Banned Oil Drilling. Now Comes the Hard Part.It’s a real victory. But now, nearly 5,000 wells have to be closed, capped, and cleaned up.
  32. mountain lions
    Tech-CEO Enclave Finds Its Latest Ally Against More Housing: Mountain LionsWoodside chooses cats over flats.
  33. getting around
    There’s Just One Problem With That Cute New USPS TruckThe first huge order of vehicles will mostly be gasoline-powered rather than electric.
  34. getting around
    We Graded Pete Buttigieg’s Road-Safety PlanPromising policy, with questions about implementation.
  35. highway removal
    About Time: Syracuse’s I-81 Is Finally Being DemolishedKathy Hochul’s next move aims to start rectifying a mid-century mistake.
  36. furniture design
    Finally, a Desk for Working ParentsThe Fairfield carrel was designed to help caregivers with young kids in tow better access their local library.
  37. pandemic life
    Biden’s Free-Masks-and-Tests Plan Ignores How People in Cities Really LivePeople who live in multifamily housing or multigenerational households are hitting roadblocks.
  38. getting around
    L.A. Just Ran (and Ended) the Biggest Free-Transit Experiment in the U.S.Now Metro is using the information from 281 million free bus rides to game out improvements.
  39. vision zero but for cougars
    World’s Largest Wildlife Crossing Is Finally Under Way in Los AngelesA bridge for local mountain lions that’s nearly an acre in size has been in the works for over a decade.
  40. getting around
    Every Governor Should Copy Kathy Hochul’s Interborough ExpressPutting underused rails back into action for transit is a no-brainer of a good idea.
  41. boring news
    Two of Elon Musk’s Terrible Ideas Both Flopped in Las Vegas This WeekThis was not the future of transportation we were promised.
  42. getting around
    Venice Bridge Will Be De-Calatrava’d to Stop Pedestrians From Face-plantingThe tempered-glass bridge that caused “almost daily” falls, breaking at least two people’s bones, will finally be replaced with stone.
  43. highways to hell
    One State Is Showing Us How to End America’s Addiction to Highway ExpansionColorado passed a first-in-the-nation rule requiring new transportation projects to prove they can reduce emissions.
  44. smog
    L.A.’s Backed-up Port Is Shrouding Neighborhoods in Toxic Smog“Now we have ships for 150 miles out, and all that pollution is still going to come here.”
  45. crowd science
    We Already Knew How to Prevent the Disaster at AstroworldCrowd management is key, but no one has more power than the artist onstage.
  46. los angeles
    The Many Histories of Julia Morgan’s L.A. Herald Examiner BuildingOf gender, labor, media — and now, renewal.
  47. getting around
    Michelle Wu Can Be America’s First Actual Climate MayorBoston’s new chief executive is a bus-riding mom who wants to make transit free.
  48. flooding
    New York Needs to Become a City That Floods Now and ThenClimate-justice scholar Kian Goh on New York’s challenges nine years after Sandy.
  49. tesla
    A Federal Transportation Official Deleted Twitter to Avoid Elon Musk’s FansMissy Cummings has been studying autonomous vehicles for longer than Tesla has been around.
  50. hurricane ida
    New York Doesn’t Need Its Own Forecast. It Needs a Forecast Communicator.“It’s very clear that the blatant breakdown of communication is what needs to be adjusted.”
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