1. getting around
    MTA Decides Platform Doors Are Good NowA pilot program is on its way to three stations, including Times Square.
  2. brick and mortar
    There’s a Reason Why Newsstand Umbrellas Always BreakNothing can cost more than $10, and it’s making business tough.
  3. getting around
    Amtrak Doesn’t Have a Plan for the $30 Billion Gateway ProgramThe rail company is still fleshing out a lot of key details.
  4. wildlife
    New York City Might Have Rat COVID, But It’s Probably FineThe rodents, researchers theorize, may be the origin of a mystery variant.
  5. storefronts
    The Impossibility of Running a Business in a Closed Subway Station“People would get off the train and they’d buy a snack, something to drink — and that’s all gone.”
  6. bad landlords
    Can New York Really Ban a Nightmare Landlord From Real Estate?Yes, and Raphael Toledano learned that the hard way.
  7. hotels
    Turns Out the Standard Hotel Was Literally Falling ApartMany of the gray panels that frame the building’s distinctive windows were improperly installed.
  8. getting around
    Here’s the MTA’s Guide to Stuffing Your Dog Into a Backpack ProperlyWith some help from Maxine, an internet-famous corgi.
  9. streets
    New York City Is Finally Getting Raised CrosswalksThey serve the dual purpose of slowing down drivers and making pedestrians more visible.
  10. disaster
    All the Legislation Being Considered in the Wake of the Bronx FireLawmakers are looking at fire doors, heat sensors, space heaters, and more.
  11. disaster
    Twin Parks Tenants Are Stuck in Housing Limbo“My daughter is petrified and can’t even look at the building without crying.”
  12. election 2022
    Vax Daddy Is Totally Serious About HousingHuge Ma is challenging a 37-year incumbent to represent Queens in the Assembly.
  13. pandemic
    Henrietta Hudson’s Bartenders Can Serve You Drinks and Swab Your NoseYou can sit outside with your cold one till you get your results.
  14. pandemic
    Are There More COVID Cases in the Richest NYC Neighborhoods?The answer is complex.
  15. scammers
    A Shady Realty Firm in Queens May Have Scammed $287,000 in COVID Relief FundsAllegedly the money did not go to payroll.
  16. housing
    Congratulations, Jason Korn! You’re No Longer the City’s Worst LandlordBut the apartments are still pretty terrible.
  17. developing
    A Family of Three Making $42,000 Will Be Able to Live in SohoThe neighborhood rezoning, expected to pass Wednesday, will prioritize affordability.
  18. neighborhood news
    All of Brooklyn Heights Came Together to Stop a Mysterious Chirping SoundIt took residents three weeks to pinpoint the source.
  19. my spots
    Shahana Hanif’s Favorite Spots in KensingtonWhere the newly elected City Council member goes for sidewalk jackfruit and Bangladeshi chai.
  20. getting around
    Be Safe Out There, Junior BankersWalking and subwaying are maybe dangerous!
  21. pandemic
    New York City Nurses Can’t Take It Much Longer“There are times … when our staff is half of what it should be.”
  22. developing
    This Is the Beginning of Gowanus’s New SkylineAn expansive rezoning passed today has developers ready to build, build, build.
  23. reopening
    More People Are Moving to New York Now Than Before the PandemicAnd many people who left last year are coming back too.
  24. getting around
    The First Sex Toy Ads on the Subway Are Predictably TameAnd it took a lawsuit and three years of legal wrangling to even get this campaign approved.
  25. developing
    Ben Kallos Really Didn’t Want the Blood Center RedevelopmentBut the City Council is voting for it anyway.
  26. getting around
    The Hunger-Striking Taxi Drivers WonSome of the city’s 6,000 medallion owner-drivers may actually be able to get out of debt now.
  27. the city politic
    Meet the Enthusiastic Eric Adams Voters of Crown Heights“He honestly changed my life.”
  28. streets
    A Very ‘What Is New York’ HalloweenThe quirky Instagram account documented killer clown bus drivers, paddle-boarding witches, and more.
  29. the jab
    ‘People Are Coming in Crying. A Lot of Them.’Pharmacists on the somber mood at vaccine sites on the eve of the city mandate.
  30. environment
    The Single Sentence That Could Upend the Environmental Fight in New YorkThe constitutional amendment on the ballot could protect the state’s air and water. Eventually.
  31. housing
    There Are 30,000 Basement Apartments the City Doesn’t Know AboutMore than 5,000 are in East New York.
  32. the jab
    Only One City Agency Is Fully VaccinatedAnd fewer than 100 people work there.
  33. housing
    Should Landlords Be Required to Pay for Your Internet?A new bill promises to not pass the cost on to renters.
  34. reopening
    Move Over, Fake Vaxx Card — Here Comes an Anti-Vaxx Business DirectoryA new website is crowdsourcing businesses that are flouting the mandate — and New York has the most.
  35. scammers
    The COVID-19 Hotel Scheme That Took NYC For $400,000Five-star rooms for $50, booked through Facebook and paid with Cash App.
  36. housing
    New York Went From Worst to Best At Handing Out Rent ReliefThere’s still a lot of work to be done, but Governor Kathy Hochul deserves credit for getting us this far.
  37. parks
    East River Park Activists Chain Themselves to Tree, Make Weirdly Modest DemandReally, they just want to ask questions.
  38. reopening
    Maybe Forcing City Workers Back to the Office Wasn’t the Best IdeaCivil servants are now looking for new jobs en masse.
  39. public housing
    Is Brian Benjamin the Person Who Can Turn NYCHA Around?Among advocates, there is cautious optimism.
  40. developing
    The Leaning Tower of Seaport May Finally Break Its Bad LuckBut it’s still tilting ever so slightly to the north.
  41. climate change
    Scenes from Ida’s Chaotic, Tragic Night in New York CityThe bus driver stuck in raw sewage, a delivery worker who biked through a foot of water, and other stories from the flood.
  42. evictions
    Hochul’s First Big Win Is a New Eviction MoratoriumNew legislation extends the freeze to January 15.
  43. reopening
    Receptionist? Maître d’? Now You’re Also a Vaxx BouncerFive workers talk about enforcing the new vaccine mandate.
  44. developing
    Dreams, Demolished: Grand Prospect Hall Will Be Torn DownThe 129-year-old former opera house is being razed to make way for a new development
  45. 2020 census
    After Fears of a Pandemic Undercount, Census Numbers for NYC Are Way UpMultilingual outreach and a major effort to find unlisted apartments helped find half a million people.
  46. brick and mortar
    Mutual Aid Gets Militant: The Brief Occupation of a Bushwick StorefrontOrganizers of the Gym clashed with police to use the empty space.
  47. evictions
    The Best Thing About the New Eviction Moratorium Is More Time to Get Rent ReliefBut the CDC order will only apply while COVID rates are high.
  48. streets
    New York’s Stoopers Have a New Enemy“If I had to imagine the Dr. Evil of the stooping community, this is it.”
  49. reopening
    New York’s Central Park Concert Isn’t Ready for the Delta VariantTo see Barry Manilow, only one vaccine shot is required.
  50. c.b. minutes
    ‘The Community Is Being Lied To’: Scenes from Manhattan CB2’s Soho Rezoning VoteEveryone knew the board would reject the plan, but plenty of people still wanted to rant about it.
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