Caroline Spivack

  1. neighborhoods
    What Are Those Purple Pantries Popping Up Around Central Brooklyn?“There’s joy in fruit snacks. There’s joy in the little things.”
  2. developing
    Lawsuit Against Zoom Meetings Could Derail the Gowanus Rezoning (and Much More)The challenge, if successful, could create a legal opening to stall developments.
  3. black mayonnaise
    Barge Full of Gowanus Sludge Sinks Into Gowanus SludgeToxic material dredged up from the canal is now at the bottom of the nearby bay.
  4. streets
    What Does Polly Trottenberg’s NYC DOT Tell Us About What She’ll Do in D.C.?Trottenberg moved the needle forward on street safety, but some say she could have done more.
  5. neighborhoods
    Upper East Siders Embrace a Homeless Shelter, Unlike Their Crosstown Neighbors“No fanfare, no problem. The men can stay,” said one local official.
  6. evictions
    Thousands in Rent Debt, No End In Sight: Five New Yorkers’ Stories“I feel like if COVID doesn’t kill me, the stress will.”
  7. neighborhoods
    A Phoenix Is Coming to Coney IslandDeno’s Wonder Wheel Park plans to return post-COVID with a new roller coaster.
  8. developing
    Build a Tower, Save a Museum?That’s the gamble in the Seaport historic district.
  9. neighborhoods
    A Coney Island Baptism Spot Might Be Declared a Superfund SiteA survey of local waterways once declared it the top “fecal hotspot” in the city.
  10. evictions
    Most New York Evictions Have Been Deferred Until May — and It’s a ReliefThe legislation gives all tenants another 60 days, and hardship cases till the spring.
  11. testing tips
    Here’s Where to Get a COVID Test Without Waiting for HoursFrom some non-CityMD walk-in spots to the speediest Health + Hospitals locations.
  12. reasons to love new york
    Farewell to My Brick and Mortar ShopsThe now-shuttered stores that made an impression, from Staten Island to Hudson Yards.
  13. developing
    Queens Megaproject Passes With Barely Any Affordable HousingOut of 1,725 apartments, just 90 will be below-market-rate.
  14. streets
    From Prada Pumps to Sacks of Rice: It’s All Free at These New Brooklyn Stores“We had a shelf of cereal, and then four black leather BDSM harnesses.”
  15. evictions
    Here’s What Happens When You Fight the City’s ‘Worst Landlord’The tenants of a crumbling Crown Heights building went on a rent strike and now the owner’s trying to evict everyone.
  16. streets
    Should Parking Snitches Get Riches?A new bill would give New Yorkers a 25 percent cut of fines for tattling on illegally parked cars.
  17. developing
    Will You Someday Want to Live on Rikers Island?Once new jails rise elsewhere, the island could become a built-from-scratch neighborhood.
  18. the locals
    Why Did Rockaway’s Community Fridge Get Dragged out to Sea?A mutual-aid mystery.
  19. developing
    Flowers Win Over Towers (for Now) in Shade LawsuitA judge has paused plans for two 39-story buildings that would starve the Brooklyn Botanic Garden of sunlight.
  20. the rent is too damn high
    Only 15,000 People Met New York’s Criteria for Rent ReliefMore than 1.3 million New Yorkers statewide are at risk of eviction.
  21. streets
    Perking Up the Plywood: Artists Get Their Hands on the City’s StreeteriesFrom mirror mosaics to sprawling murals.
  22. developing
    Will Queens Activists Flush Yet Another Luxury Development?There’s a new fight over a swath of undeveloped waterfront land in Flushing.
  23. first tuesday in november
    South Brooklyn Is on the Verge of Electing a QAnon SupporterA follower of the feverish conspiracy theory QAnon is currently leading an Assembly race for a historically blue seat in South Brooklyn.
  24. neighborhood news
    Waiting for the Amtrak President, Covid on Staten Island, and Other NewsWeekly roundup of the important — and unimportant — NYC news you should know about from this week.
  25. evictions
    In the Midst of All This, Cuomo Put Out Another Eviction OrderWhat better time to drop an executive order affecting thousands of eviction cases than Election Night?
  26. first tuesday in november
    New York City’s New Congressional Class Really Believes in Affordable HousingExpect plenty of new bills aimed at making renting in the city less painful.
  27. neighborhood news
    Astor Hair Is Closing, Rat-Skeleton Rain, and Other NewsThe important — and unimportant — things that happened around town this week.
  28. neighborhood news
    Manhattan Rents Drop, Stray Pig Busts Into a Brooklyn Backyard, and Other NewsThe important — and unimportant — things that happened around town this week.
  29. streets
    Stoop-to-Stoop: A Week of Curbside Finds From a Stooping Pro“I was looking for a cup of coffee, but instead stumbled upon this really nice desk.”
  30. developing
    Where Could the City Squeeze New Housing Into Soho?The exclusive neighborhood could see thousands of new apartments — some of them “affordable” — if the city gets its way.
  31. transit
    After a Daylong Debacle, the East River Ferry Is Headed Back to GreenpointA new landowner, giving minimal notice, briefly stopped it from docking on Monday. Riders were not happy.
  32. the establishment
    Who Will Determine the Post-Amazon Future for Long Island City?Plans to reshape the waterfront are stuck in a rudderless moment.
  33. neighborhood news
    Another Challenge to Evictions Pause Fails, Van Halen Avenue, and Other NewsHere’s what’s going on around town this week.
  34. rankings
    How 50 New York Buildings Scored on Their Energy-Efficiency Report CardsAnd, yes, they will have to post them in their lobbies.
  35. tenants
    Governor Cuomo’s ‘Moratorium’ on Evictions Won’t Really Stop EvictionsIt’s “still full of loopholes,” as one lawyer put it.
  36. skyline
    The Industry City Megadevelopment That Wasn’t, and How the Deal Fell ApartDevelopers pulled the plug on a major rezoning, and the implications could be felt across the city.
  37. neighborhoods
    New Yorkers Step in to Keep City Parks From Turning Into ‘Junkyards’The city is neglecting its parks in the pandemic, just when we need them most.
  38. neighborhood news
    Scavengers Unearth Buried History — and Maybe Radiation — at Dead Horse Bay“It’s the closest you can come to time travel.”
  39. cityscape
    New Yorkers Are Using a 1930s-Era Tactic to Stop EvictionsAmid waning protections for renters and unemployment rates not seen since the Great Depression, eviction defense is poised for a resurgence.