Choire Sicha

  1. shopping
    I Bought 6 Things at Martha Stewart’s Tag SaleBut I could have stolen any number of them.
  2. return to office
    The Junior Bankers Are RevoltingThe battle against the return to office has begun (online).
  3. the second time as comedy?
    A Big Boat Is Stuck AgainThat highly flammable couch you ordered is safe — this time.
  4. dining out
    Planet Hollywood Invades Midtown for the Third TimeThis time, featuring Guy Fieri (and a ghost kitchen).
  5. our mayor
    This Andrew Yang Administration Is Really Coming TogetherWait, who won?
  6. our mayor
    Zero Bond Is Eric Adams’s Headquarters NowLiterally anything could happen under this nightlife mayor.
  7. getting around
    How to Ride BusGreg Kelly shows us it’s not that easy!
  8. architecture
    Yes, Build the Windowless, Bathroomless Dorm in My BackyardSure, let the dilettante billionaire have a crack at it.
  9. drama
    Trying to Untangle the Princeton Architecture Department DramaPaging Sandra Oh.
  10. vaccine resistant
    Marchers Attack Coronavirus Testing Station in Union SquareThe anti-vaccine-mandate protest went from the Department of Education to the Australian Consulate.
  11. streeteries
    Garbage Truck Drags Dining Shed Down Sixth Avenue With Diner InsideOh, no, nothing scary about that.
  12. election 2021
    The Preelection Honeymoon of Eric AdamsFrom Met Gala after-parties to Monaco.