Diana Budds

  1. shopping
    5 Things to Buy From Yinka Ilori’s New Home Goods LineThe British-Nigerian designer’s color-obsessed work is about joy, hope, and optimism. And now you can bring it to your table.
  2. streets
    Anatomy of a Streetery: Guevara’sIt’s Cuban-inspired and stands solidly on the corner of Clifton and Grand.
  3. brick and mortar
    Visiting LAAMS, the LES Street Culture Lab“We tell kids: ‘Just pull up. Show us what you have and if we like it, and the price is on point, we’ll put it up on the wall.’”
  4. hobbies
    These Designers Have an (Emoji-Inspired) Basketmaking ClubLast week, they each wove something based off the peach.
  5. on trend
    During COVID-19, TikTok Made It Cool to Make … Fluffy RugsHere are six TikTok Tufters you should know.
  6. mutual aid
    Public Assistants, a Resistance Community Space, Opens in Crown Heights“It’s meant to feel like a family, like an enclave, like an oasis.”
  7. reasons to love new york
    Farewell to the Place I Got In Shape (and Stayed Sane)Wyatt Cenac, Cat Marnell, and Joshua David Stein on losing their favorite workouts.
  8. reasons to love new york
    Farewell to the Places That Made New York What It WasSaying good-bye to Gem Spa, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, the Staten Island Yankees, and more.
  9. design news
    On Display at Chinatown’s Oldest Shop: Napa-Cabbage CeramicsPlus chile-oil vessels, fungi vases, and yoni-inspired incense holders.
  10. institutions
    Artists to MoMA: Take Down Philip Johnson’s NameThe founding director of the museum’s Architecture and Design department was a known white supremacist.
  11. design news
    5 Things to Buy From Nest’s New Capsule CollectionThe interiors magazine with a cult following is back with home goods and apparel.
  12. public art watch
    Artist Shaun Leonardo Is the New Co-Director of Recess“For change to happen, folks have to move aside and actually allocate power to the people.”
  13. streets
    Anatomy of a Streetery: RangoonIt’s kinetic and inspired by Burmese design.
  14. public art watch
    Carrie Mae Weems Made a COVID PSANow at Lincoln Center.
  15. why this looks like that
    Nick DeMarco Imagines a Future in Which Plastic Comes Alive“It’s kind of like making the best of a bad situation.”
  16. design news
    What Caused the Design World Meltdown Over Tiny Wooden Stools?Three days of antiquarian-related hysteria.
  17. design news
    Buy One of These Artist-Designed Plates and Help Feed the UnhousedTauba Auerbach, Glenn Ligon, Kenny Scharf, and more made them for the Coalition for the Homeless.
  18. design news
    The Year in Design That Would Have BeenAs seen in a new exhibition at Friedman Benda.
  19. design news
    First Look: Inside Coming Soon’s New Retail StoreIt is bigger and more Brutalist.
  20. public art watch
    105-Year-Old Artist Carmen Herrera Has a New Mural in East HarlemAnd public school students painted it.
  21. he’s got a new cubicle
    An Architecture Critic Just Won a State Senate Seat in PennsylvaniaThe DSA’s Nikil Saval, former editor-in-chief of n+1, knows his cities.
  22. first tuesday in november
    To Board Up or Not to Board Up: Soho Small-Business Owners Face Election Day“Once burned, twice wary,” says one owner.
  23. the great outdoors
    Are Any Small Shop-Owners Excited About the New ‘Streetail’ Program?Some are more skeptical than others.
  24. my place
    Afrofuturist Ari Melenciano Doesn’t Mind Never Leaving Her Loft in Quarantine“All of my gadgets — they’re basically my toys — are everywhere.” And they inspire her.
  25. my place
    Artist Stephanie H. Shih Happily Gave Up On Minimalism“I realized that will never be me. It can’t be me.” A visit to her Carroll Gardens apartment.
  26. looking
    Curb Your Dog! Save the Tomatoes!New Yorkers make the most out of sidewalk green spaces by planting everything from formal hedges to vegetable gardens.
  27. public art watch
    How Do We Create an RBG Memorial That Isn’t Terrible?As Governor Cuomo calls for a Ruth Bader Ginsburg statue in Brooklyn, we asked people with arts-commission experience where the pitfalls lie.
  28. design hunting
    So Anthony Weiner Is Selling Countertops Now (And They’re Actually Pretty Good)Will Weiner tarnish IceStone’s shining reputation? Or will the Brooklyn Navy Yard company renovate his?
  29. why this looks like that
    Serban Ionescu Thinks of His Furniture Designs As PetsWhy take a chair or table so serious?
  30. cityscape
    ‘We Bike Too’: A New NYC Club of Black and Brown Cyclists Takes the StreetsThe Good Company Bike Club rides for equity, inclusion, and change—but most of all, for fun
  31. my place
    A Visit to Wyatt Cenac’s Listening Room in a Brooklyn High-RiseAs seen on his twice weekly Happy Hour Record Club Instagram Live.
  32. design hunting
    These Neighbors Turned Their L.A. Apartments Into an 80s-era Instagram BoutiqueMeet the women behind Resident Objects.
  33. looking
    The Surprisingly Innovative Design of New York’s StreeteriesGive people room to create, and things start to get interesting.
  34. design hunting
    Jewelry Designers, Artists, and Bored People Alike Have Pivoted to Papier-mâchéYour inner third grader will love this design trend.
  35. design hunting
    Inside the Powerfully Expressive World of MaximalismMore is more.
  36. design hunting
    The Rise of RoundCute furniture is a reprieve from our age of anxiety