Jeff Andrews

  1. family ties
    Being a Trump Is a Liability Now – Even If You’ve Sued DonaldFred Trump III was asked to leave his position at Cushman & Wakefield.
  2. last gasps
    City Cancels the Wollman Rink Contract That Built Trump’s MythThe rink was a minor success that Trump blew out of proportion.
  3. insurrection hotel
    Trump D.C. Hotel Loses Its Broker, and Chances of a Sale Go Up in SmokeBids for the hotel were coming in at less than half the asking price.
  4. unaffordable housing
    Amazon’s Affordable Housing Pledge Won’t Fix AnythingThe nearly $2 trillion company will put $2 billion toward low-cost loans to developers.
  5. heartbreak for hotels
    No, de Blasio Is Not Trying to Crush the Hotel IndustryHe’s planning for the long term at the expense of the quick fix — while doing the unions a favor in the process.
  6. keeping the trains running
    $4 Billion Down, $8 Billion to Go: The Stimulus Temporarily Saves the SubwayDraconian service cuts are off the table for the time being, but the MTA still needs far more federal funds than it’s getting.
  7. dark web
    De Blasio Promised the Internet to Everyone. Here’s Why It’s Taken Forever.Maybe next year.
  8. yankee hotel foxtrot
    So A-Rod’s Buying Distressed Hotels Now?Here’s the deal with his $650 million dollar swing.
  9. death and taxes
    The ‘Pied-à-Terre Tax’ Has a Messaging ProblemIt’s superluxury-real-estate investors who would actually pay it.
  10. cabinet watch
    Marcia Fudge Is Biden’s Pick to Clean Up the Mess at HUDThe Ohio Congresswoman wanted to run USDA, but she’s headed for the Department of Housing and Urban Development instead.
  11. evictions
    Evictions Caused More Than 10,000 COVID DeathsAnd led to 400,000 additional infections too.
  12. evictions
    For Millions Facing Eviction, There’s a Lot Riding on Trump’s Lame-Duck PeriodJust one more thing to worry about before January 20th.
  13. the art of the deal?
    Nobody Wants to Buy Trump’s D.C. HotelNo one wants to buy a hotel right now, and especially not this one.
  14. subways
    The MTA Has a Non-Choice: Risk the Health of New Yorkers or Lose Tons of MoneyMostly empty trains allow safe distancing, and cost billions.
  15. the numbers
    It’s Not Your Imagination: Manhattan Rents Really Have Fallen a LotAnd it’s likely to continue for a while.
  16. first tuesday in november
    The MTA Needs Saving, But Can Joe Biden Be Its Savior?It needs a federal bailout, but a Republican Senate would make that harder.
  17. first tuesday in november
    11 NYC Infrastructure Projects a Biden Administration Should FundAmtrak is just the beginning.
  18. show me the money
    Are There Really Billions of Dollars in Sandy Aid to Help NYCHA Fight COVID?Turns out the money is spoken for and is being spent on a fairly inflexible schedule.
  19. the real estate
    Can the Wall Street Foreclosure Vultures Be Stopped This Time?A chance to prevent private equity from devouring small landlords.
  20. the numbers
    Everything You Need to Know About NYC’s Housing MarketThe COVID-19 pandemic turned New York’s housing market on its head, creating sometimes conflicting trends that house hunters need to be familiar with.
  21. the market
    No, the Pandemic Is Not Emptying Out America’s CitiesDespite what cable news is saying every day, a mass migration to the suburbs isn’t happening.
  22. cityscape
    How Coronavirus Is Impacting the Housing MarketThe economy is grinding to a halt. Will the housing market follow?