Kim Velsey has been a Curbed real-estate reporter since 2021. She previously covered real estate for the New York Times and the New York Observer.

  1. the real estate
    A Sutton Place Penthouse That Just Won’t MoveLisa Perry’s pop art co-op has faced three price cuts in as many years.
  2. neighborhood news
    4 Precarious Plots on Fifth AvenueA construction project has become a nightmare for the neighbors.
  3. mysteries
    How Fort Greene Park Got Fenced InTo maintain its grass, my local park was carved up by wooden posts and caution tape.
  4. the rent is too damn high
    Get Ready to Spend $5,000 on That Floor of a Brownstone“I get applications and people are making half a million a year in income. One person.”
  5. housing
    The Menace of the MegamansionBuyers who are turning multiunit buildings into single-family palaces have taken away hundreds of thousands of housing units.
  6. the real estate
    A Developer and a Landlord Go to War Over 22 Air ConditionersExtell’s Diamond District neighbor is trying to claim the air next door.
  7. office space
    WeWork’s Own Office Leasing ApocalypseThe company was struggling long before its grim announcement this week.
  8. loud town
    All the Quiet Money Can BuyTalking to the professional soundproofers for the ultrarich.
  9. a truly terrific new york listing
    An East Village Studio Straight Out of the ’80sIn a building where Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs once lived.
  10. developing
    Eliot Spitzer Can Build His Faux-Prewar Condo NowA lawsuit over a ditch couldn’t stop his luxury development with a view of the Met.
  11. the real estate
    Modernist Houses Can’t Survive the HamptonsThey’re being torn down and replaced with cookie-cutter mansions.
  12. office apocalypse
    A Typology of Unwanted Manhattan Office BuildingsCertain kinds of properties are more doomed than others. Here, four case studies.
  13. office apocalypse
    Three Bleak Blocks of Third AvenueWhat the office-space crisis has looked like for one stretch of Midtown East.
  14. the real estate
    It’s the Summer of Postdivorce CohabitationBill and Chirlane, Steve and Miranda, Ariana and Tom …
  15. the rent is too damn high
    This Is How the Rent Guidelines Board Vote Will GoPeople will yell. Everyone will leave angry. We’ll do it again next year
  16. who’s selling
    Why the Gucci Penthouse Has Been on the Market for 8 YearsThe $35M listing price seems to have been plucked out of the air, say some brokers.
  17. the real estate
    What Really Brings People Back to the Office? The Easiest Commute.Forget the rock-climbing wall. People just want an easy commute.
  18. museums
    Was the Breuer Building Underpriced?$100 million feels low — until you consider what it actually means to own a brutalist masterpiece.
  19. listings
    No One Wants Joan Didion’s ApartmentThe sprawling Upper East Side co-op took a $1 million price cut.
  20. the real estate
    The Trouble With 23 Cornelia StreetSome brokers are skeptical that Taylor Swift’s onetime rental can fetch its $18 million asking price.
  21. the real estate
    Why Are There So Many Bathrooms in the Houses on Selling Sunset?Brokers explain the deranged bed-to-bath ratio of ultra-high-end listings.
  22. a truly terrific new york listing
    One of the Last Gilded Age Mansions on Fifth Avenue Is for SaleA Wall Street divorce brings it back on the market at $72.5 million.
  23. casinos
    Our City’s Billionaires Are Debasing Themselves for a Casino LicenseJay-Z is pleading on Instagram, while other hopefuls offer LED gardens and gratis hot dogs.
  24. unaffordable housing
    Landlords Want the Supreme Court to Kill Rent StabilizationTheir petition is the culmination of a four-year battle against tenant protections.
  25. haunted houses
    Who Wants to Vacation on Epstein Island?The buyer of Little St. James is planning to convert it into a luxury resort.
  26. the rent is too damn high
    The Rent Guidelines Board Is in for a Messy SpringWith increases on the horizon, a raucous Tuesday-night vote was a signal of what’s to come.
  27. unaffordable housing
    How to Make 800,000 New Homes DisappearKathy Hochul’s housing dreams seem to have died.
  28. the rent is too damn high
    The Rent-Stabilization Board Is Proposing What Exactly?Demystifying that 15.75 percent.
  29. the housing market
    The Spring Housing Market Is a Miserable Game of ChickenSellers are aiming high. Buyers are content to wait them out. Better luck next year?
  30. rich people
    The Merely Wealthy Can No Longer Afford West 11th StreetIts transformation into full billionaire enclave is nearly complete.
  31. listings
    Joan Didion’s Apartment Is for SaleMissed out on the estate auction? Seven and a half million dollars will get you the whole house.
  32. developing
    Airbnb’s Co-founder Is Building ADUs That Would Make Great AirbnbsWhat a coincidence.
  33. the real estate
    Ivana Trump’s Townhouse Is Officially for SaleAnd it’s overpriced.
  34. developing
    The Six Senses Is Opening in Rhinebeck Instead of ChelseaThe luxury hotel has traded a Bjarke Ingels building for a biodynamic farm.
  35. developing
    Developers Are Convinced They Can Make the ‘Penn District’ HappenMove over, Sbarro — here comes Roberta’s and condos with “minimalist Mondrian interiors.”
  36. the real estate
    Why These $20 Million Uptown Co-ops Aren’t Selling“In the past, big money needed co-ops to be accepted and established, But no one needs 740 Park anymore.”
  37. street fights
    The Elizabeth Street Garden Fight Is Not Over After AllA new court ruling is the latest in a ten-year delay. Will the city’s seniors live to see the affordable housing approved in their name?
  38. the rent is too damn high
    Rents Have Fallen a Tiny BitA better-than-nothing 2 percent.
  39. the real estate
    ‘The Only Reason We Got It Was That I Lied’In a brutal market, renters are fabricating everything from credit scores to income to employers.
  40. the housing market
    Your $100,000 Down Payment Is Now Worth $80,000Interest hikes mean buyers, especially entry-level ones, can’t afford the same house they could a few months ago.
  41. the real estate
    Is Rupert Murdoch Done With New York?Or is the 91-year-old just downsizing?
  42. the rental market
    Rent Day Is Fun NowAccording to Wells Fargo.
  43. the rent is too damn high
    Your Rent Might Be Going Up This WeekAnd it’s almost certainly never going down.
  44. the real estate
    High Profile Compass Brokers Are Leaving for EllimanIn search of greener pastures, where teams can grow and DocuSign is paid for.
  45. on the market
    The Central Park Supertall with a $250 Million PenthouseExtell CEO Gary Barnett is done settling for less!
  46. rich people
    Palm Beach Is Facing a Devastating Private-School ShortageAnd it’s ruining wealthy New Yorkers’ plans to move there.
  47. return to office
    Brooklyn’s Domino Sugar Offices Win the Amenity WarsTwo Trees is betting that you won’t hate the neighborhood, the commute, or the work space itself.
  48. the real estate
    ‘Emotionally Paralyzed’ New York Home Buyers Are Backing Out of ContractsWorried about rising interest rates, buyers are making offers but not closing sales.
  49. celebrity real estate
    Ivana Trump’s Old Greenwich Mansion May Finally Sell After 13 YearsThe $24 million price cut should help.
  50. our mayor
    The VIP Room Where Eric Adams Holds CourtIt’s at Zero Bond, of course.
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