Kim Velsey has been a Curbed real-estate reporter since 2021. She previously covered real estate for the New York Times and the New York Observer.

  1. the rent is too damn high
    It Looks Like the Good Cause Eviction Law Is Dead (for Now)Distracted legislators and dwindling days mean the bill’s chances this session are slim. But it’s likely to return next year.
  2. the housing market
    New York Now Has More Airbnb Listings Than Apartments for RentEven though Airbnb’s listings count has dipped this year.
  3. the american way of death
    Disrupting the FuneralAre millennials killing the death industry?
  4. in development
    One Times Square, Long Empty, Will Now Bring the Billboards InsideThe building is using its interior floors again (and it will, of course, get an observation deck).
  5. the real estate
    Japanese Company Realizes the American Dream, Buys Single-Family HomesIf only everyone else could too.
  6. the real estate
    What’s Wrong With Steve Roth’s $21 Million Montauk Beach House?The developer behind one of Manhattan’s most successful condos can’t find a taker for his own Hamptons place.
  7. brooklyn subway shooting
    ‘From Now On, I’m Super-Aware’Sunset Park neighbors speak about yesterday’s shootings.
  8. scandals
    Who Is the Developer at the Center of Brian A. Benjamin’s Legal Mess?Gerald Migdol, “co-conspirator #1,” has a mysterious real estate portfolio
  9. return to the office
    The Junior Bankers Are WinningJPMorgan Chase is the latest finance firm to cave on a full office return.
  10. parks and recreation
    Chasing Away ‘Hooligans’ and Hot-Dog Carts in Washington Square ParkWashington Square Park Conservancy’s influence over the Parks Department shows how easily wealthy donors can control public space.
  11. fame and fortune
    Everything We Know About Kelly Bensimon’s Real-Estate CareerThe former model, Real Housewife, and Hermès enthusiast is Douglas Elliman’s Rookie of the Year.
  12. haunted houses
    Of Course Someone Will Buy Jeffrey Epstein’s Creepy IslandsIt’s just a matter of time.
  13. the real estate
    StreetEasy Tries to Dominate Field and Placate AgentsThe listings giant will no longer ban agents for not following its prompt posting policy, but it’s not ceding much (if any) power.
  14. air rights
    Can You Take Back the Top Floors of a Building?A midtown owner bets on the impossibility of returning air rights.
  15. the real estate
    The Supply-Chain Shortage Hits Home StagersThe supply-chain shortage in sofas and everything else has forced stagers to stockpile pillows and drive hours for used furniture.
  16. operators
    Why Are So Many Horrible Men Eating at Fresco by Scotto?Cuomo and Christie, Michael Cohen and Rudy Giuliani: It’s enough to put you off your veal Marsala.
  17. brick and mortar
    Amazon Is Closing Its Terrible Brick-and-Mortar BookstoresA quiet end to a bad idea.
  18. rich people
    Secret Staircases and Gold Everything: A Tour of Russian-Billionaire New YorkIf the government seizes any of it, we call first dibs.
  19. brick and mortar
    First the Gap, Then Banks. The Next Retail Cycle? Nothing.Never thought we’d be nostalgic for a Starbucks every two blocks.
  20. the rent is too damn high
    Battery Park City Residents Seek Relief From Upper-Middle-Class PovertyBattery Park City residents say condos should remain affordable. The only problem? They’re not.
  21. boom time
    Despite $405 Million Write-Down, Zillow Is Just FineiBuying debacle aside, it turns out that it’s hard to screw up in this real-estate market.
  22. the real estate
    Local Building to Be Constructed for WealthyThe West Village was supposed to get 500 units of affordable housing. Instead, it’s mostly superluxury and Google.
  23. the real estate
    Jeff Zucker Is Hardly the First to Have an In-Building AffairNew York’s long history of keeping wives and mistresses apart in the elevator.
  24. the real estate
    In Praise of Shared ToiletsA communal restroom in the hallway? It’s not the end of the world.
  25. the metaverse
    Now You Can Get a Mortgage in the MetaverseIn crypto, of course.
  26. the real estate
    What Do All the Brokers Headed to Ryan Serhant’s Firm Want?TV fame? Or just someone who will show them how to make a better video walkthrough?
  27. the market
    There’s a Shortage of Luxury Rentals AgainThe glut is gone.
  28. the real estate
    Brown Harris Stevens, NYC’s Whitest-Shoe Brokerage, Is Taking TikTok WorkshopsReal-estate TikTok sensation Madison Sutton is joining the firm.
  29. disaster
    What We Know About the Owners of the Bronx Building That BurnedIt’s not a slumlord situation: They’re some of the better-regarded affordable housing developers in the city.
  30. the real estate
    Kushner and Kloss Have Klosed on Puck Building PenthouseThey bought it (at a nice discount) from Kushner’s own family business.
  31. developing
    Brooklyn’s Fourth Avenue, Known ‘Canyon of Mediocrity,’ Now Has $5M PenthousesHigh-end developments begin to infiltrate among the gas stations and no-frills rentals.
  32. comebacks
    Oh, No: Adam Neumann Wants to Be a Landlord AgainWeLive failed, but he’s quietly bought another $1 billion worth of apartments.
  33. developing
    How New York City’s Skyline Will Change in 2022The skyline-, neighborhood-, and city-changing projects for this coming year.
  34. rich people
    And Just Like That, Peloton CEO Buys Big East Hampton EstateIt’s worth about a dozen times as much as the place he’s selling.
  35. squatters
    Did the Chrome Hearts Family Forget They Owned a Townhouse?It’s been empty (squatters aside) for eight years.
  36. developing
    The Site Chosen by Elizabeth Street Garden Supporters Gets Affordable HousingBut that doesn’t mean the garden will stay.
  37. developing
    If This Deal Is Any Guide, New York Rents Aren’t Going to Calm Down Anytime SoonThe buyers of the American Copper Buildings are betting on the numbers rising and rising some more.
  38. rich people
    Does Succession Sell Mansions and Luxury Condos?The real life of the Roys’ real estate.
  39. developing
    Architects Agree: The Buildings Around the High Line Are TerribleThe black hole of starchitecture.
  40. developing
    Elliman’s Top Brokers Are Selling Luxury Real Estate in the MetaverseTaking the real out of real estate, for fun and profit.
  41. under the gavel
    Everything We Know About the Immense, Messy Macklowe Art Auction$600 million worth of Giacomettis, Picassos, de Koonings, and more; one really messy divorce.
  42. developing
    A Billionaire-vs.-Millionaire Penthouse BattleOn the Upper West Side, Bill Ackman wants to build a remarkable glass house. But his neighbors have stones.
  43. state of hotels
    The Standard Hotel Could Be Facing ForeclosureAll that nightlife doesn’t necessarily fill the rooms.
  44. automation
    Why Did So Many Homeowners Sell to Zillow This Summer? Because It Overpaid.The algorithm got overoptimistic, and the company is abandoning iBuying to save itself.
  45. cityscape
    Desperate Office Landlords Are Offering Double Commissions to BrokersAnd it’s working, kind of.
  46. selling
    The Last of the Bespoke BrokersAfter Warburg’s sale to Coldwell Banker, the business is almost all behemoths, with a few boutiques hanging on.
  47. developing
    The Observation-Deck Wars Are HereEdge, at Hudson Yards, offers a tethered outdoor climb 1,200 feet above the street — for $185.
  48. retail apocalypse
    Zombie Barneys! The Genius of Spirit HalloweenThe seasonal chain that, for a few weeks a year, reanimates dead retail.
  49. the group portrait
    The New York Real-Estate Agents Turned TikTok StarsViral dances have nothing on apartment walk-throughs and neighborhood in-jokes.
  50. frontage
    Most Storefront Rents in New York Are As High As EverApart from the super-luxury corridors, last year barely made a dent.
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