Kim Velsey has been a Curbed real-estate reporter since 2021. She previously covered real estate for the New York Times and the New York Observer.

  1. developing
    The Six Senses Is Opening in Rhinebeck Instead of ChelseaThe luxury hotel has traded a Bjarke Ingels building for a biodynamic farm.
  2. developing
    Developers Are Convinced They Can Make the ‘Penn District’ HappenMove over, Sbarro — here comes Roberta’s and condos with “minimalist Mondrian interiors.”
  3. the real estate
    Why These $20 Million Uptown Co-ops Aren’t Selling“In the past, big money needed co-ops to be accepted and established, But no one needs 740 Park anymore.”
  4. street fights
    The Elizabeth Street Garden Fight Is Not Over After AllA new court ruling is the latest in a ten-year delay. Will the city’s seniors live to see the affordable housing approved in their name?
  5. the rent is too damn high
    Rents Have Fallen a Tiny BitA better-than-nothing 2 percent.
  6. the real estate
    ‘The Only Reason We Got It Was That I Lied’In a brutal market, renters are fabricating everything from credit scores to income to employers.
  7. the housing market
    Your $100,000 Down Payment Is Now Worth $80,000Interest hikes mean buyers, especially entry-level ones, can’t afford the same house they could a few months ago.
  8. the real estate
    Is Rupert Murdoch Done With New York?Or is the 91-year-old just downsizing?
  9. the rental market
    Rent Day Is Fun NowAccording to Wells Fargo.
  10. the rent is too damn high
    Your Rent Might Be Going Up This WeekAnd it’s almost certainly never going down.
  11. the real estate
    High Profile Compass Brokers Are Leaving for EllimanIn search of greener pastures, where teams can grow and DocuSign is paid for.
  12. on the market
    The Central Park Supertall with a $250 Million PenthouseExtell CEO Gary Barnett is done settling for less!
  13. rich people
    Palm Beach Is Facing a Devastating Private-School ShortageAnd it’s ruining wealthy New Yorkers’ plans to move there.
  14. return to office
    Brooklyn’s Domino Sugar Offices Win the Amenity WarsTwo Trees is betting that you won’t hate the neighborhood, the commute, or the work space itself.
  15. the real estate
    ‘Emotionally Paralyzed’ New York Home Buyers Are Backing Out of ContractsWorried about rising interest rates, buyers are making offers but not closing sales.
  16. celebrity real estate
    Ivana Trump’s Old Greenwich Mansion May Finally Sell After 13 YearsThe $24 million price cut should help.
  17. our mayor
    The VIP Room Where Eric Adams Holds CourtIt’s at Zero Bond, of course.
  18. developing
    ‘They’re Destroying an Artists’ Block’: Locals on the Vornado Penn Station PlanA furrier, a circus school, and other shops on the big changes coming to their block.
  19. lawsuits
    The Times’ ‘Hunt’ Columnist Is Being Sued for Back RentBut it looks like Joyce Cohen is just trying to finish out her sublet term.
  20. the real estate
    Bishop Lamor Whitehead Owns a Lot of Real Estate. Or Does He?The Brooklyn pastor, who said he was robbed of $1 million mid-sermon last Sunday, is reportedly in default on a $4.5 million house.
  21. the real estate
    New York Moving Companies Go to War Over Tech SecretsThe long-running grudge match between Piece of Cake and Dumbo Moving and Storage.
  22. developing
    When a New High-Rise Means Less HousingA new tower is four times the height of its predecessor, yet it has fewer apartments.
  23. encounter
    What Happens to the Listings Project When There Are No Good Listings?Stephanie Diamond’s ethical apartment site runs up against a “disgusting” market.
  24. the real estate
    Compass Comes Back to EarthAs it lays off 450 employees and its stock price tanks, the great disruptor turns out to be a brokerage after all.
  25. the real estate
    The Building That Brought Down Anna Delvey Is Back on the MarketMaybe she’ll raise the money to buy 281 Park Avenue South for real this time?
  26. party report
    The Year REBNY Tried to Get CoolAnd the real power players left early.
  27. the rent is too damn high
    The Annual Circus That Makes Landlords and Tenants MadWhy is the Rent Guidelines Board vote always like this? And is there a fairer way?
  28. the real estate
    What Landlords Privately Think About the Real-Estate Boom“Why shouldn’t I charge what I can charge? Doesn’t that sound nasty, though?”
  29. the return to the office
    The 3-Day Return to Office Is, So Far, a DudHybrid work is supposed to be the future of the office. Except a lot of people just don’t like it.
  30. the rent is too damn high
    It Looks Like the Good Cause Eviction Law Is Dead (for Now)Distracted legislators and dwindling days mean the bill’s chances this session are slim. But it’s likely to return next year.
  31. the housing market
    New York Now Has More Airbnb Listings Than Apartments for RentEven though Airbnb’s listings count has dipped this year.
  32. the american way of death
    Disrupting the FuneralAre millennials killing the death industry?
  33. in development
    One Times Square, Long Empty, Will Now Bring the Billboards InsideThe building is using its interior floors again (and it will, of course, get an observation deck).
  34. the real estate
    Japanese Company Realizes the American Dream, Buys Single-Family HomesIf only everyone else could too.
  35. the real estate
    What’s Wrong With Steve Roth’s $21 Million Montauk Beach House?The developer behind one of Manhattan’s most successful condos can’t find a taker for his own Hamptons place.
  36. brooklyn subway shooting
    ‘From Now On, I’m Super-Aware’Sunset Park neighbors speak about yesterday’s shootings.
  37. scandals
    Who Is the Developer at the Center of Brian A. Benjamin’s Legal Mess?Gerald Migdol, “co-conspirator #1,” has a mysterious real estate portfolio
  38. return to the office
    The Junior Bankers Are WinningJPMorgan Chase is the latest finance firm to cave on a full office return.
  39. parks and recreation
    Chasing Away ‘Hooligans’ and Hot-Dog Carts in Washington Square ParkWashington Square Park Conservancy’s influence over the Parks Department shows how easily wealthy donors can control public space.
  40. fame and fortune
    Everything We Know About Kelly Bensimon’s Real-Estate CareerThe former model, Real Housewife, and Hermès enthusiast is Douglas Elliman’s Rookie of the Year.
  41. haunted houses
    Of Course Someone Will Buy Jeffrey Epstein’s Creepy IslandsIt’s just a matter of time.
  42. the real estate
    StreetEasy Tries to Dominate Field and Placate AgentsThe listings giant will no longer ban agents for not following its prompt posting policy, but it’s not ceding much (if any) power.
  43. air rights
    Can You Take Back the Top Floors of a Building?A midtown owner bets on the impossibility of returning air rights.
  44. the real estate
    The Supply-Chain Shortage Hits Home StagersThe supply-chain shortage in sofas and everything else has forced stagers to stockpile pillows and drive hours for used furniture.
  45. operators
    Why Are So Many Horrible Men Eating at Fresco by Scotto?Cuomo and Christie, Michael Cohen and Rudy Giuliani: It’s enough to put you off your veal Marsala.
  46. brick and mortar
    Amazon Is Closing Its Terrible Brick-and-Mortar BookstoresA quiet end to a bad idea.
  47. rich people
    Secret Staircases and Gold Everything: A Tour of Russian-Billionaire New YorkIf the government seizes any of it, we call first dibs.
  48. brick and mortar
    First the Gap, Then Banks. The Next Retail Cycle? Nothing.Never thought we’d be nostalgic for a Starbucks every two blocks.
  49. the rent is too damn high
    Battery Park City Residents Seek Relief From Upper-Middle-Class PovertyBattery Park City residents say condos should remain affordable. The only problem? They’re not.
  50. boom time
    Despite $405 Million Write-Down, Zillow Is Just FineiBuying debacle aside, it turns out that it’s hard to screw up in this real-estate market.
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